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Curriculum & Requirements

In order to graduate with a PhD in Higher Education students must complete a minimum of 60 credit hours as well as the other requirements listed below. Click here to download the curriculum for the PhD program


Higher Education Core Requirements - 21 Hours

  EDHE 7850 Organization and Governance in Higher Education
  EDHE 7880: Policy Perspectives in Higher Education
  EDHE 6890: Legal Issues in Higher Education
  EDHE 7210: Diversity in American Higher Education


Cognate/Specialty Areas - 9 Hours


EDHE 7390: The American Community College

  EDHE 7915: Service-learning in Ecuador
  EDHE 7780: Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education
  EDHE 7830: Institutional Research and Planning in Higher Education

EDHE 8210: Critical Race Theory in Higher Education

  EDHE 7820: Effective Curriculum Development and Teaching Practices in Higher Education

EDHE 7790: Finance and Budgeting in Higher Education


EDHE 8900: Issues in Higher Education


Field Experience - 3 Hours


EDHE 7810: Practicum in College Teaching and Curriculum Development

  EDHE 7920: Practicum in Higher Education Administration and Leadership


Scholarly Tools - 16 Hours


EDRE 7200

Educational Statistics


EDRE 7500

Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods in Education


EDRE 7330

Research Design in Education

  EDHE 7890 Advanced Resources and Applications for Higher Education Problems


Dissertation Hours - 12 Hours

* or similar course as approved by committee

  • Higher Education Core

All students must complete these core requirements or their equivalents.

  • Specialty Area

Students will choose additional courses in order to learn about either General Administration or Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education. Potential courses include:

General Administration


EDHE 7890

Finance and Budgeting


EDHE 7830

Institutional Research and Self-Study


EDAD 7780



EDHE 7800

College Teaching


EDHE 7820

Curriculum Development in Higher Education


EDHE 6900

Issues in Higher Education


The university will be transitioning to semesters beginning fall 2012. All students beginning the program in the 2011 academic year must use the Transition Plan in place of the Program of Studies for quarters. Students beginning fall 2012 will use the Program of Studies for semesters to plan their program. Click here to download a Program of Study template. Please meet with your advisor regarding transition planning.