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Executive Program

Ohio University has offered the only doctoral program in higher education and student affairs in southeast Ohio for fifty years. The weekend, executive program provides a rich alternative to our traditional on-campus program, which is distinctive in its own right for the varied curriculum and opportunities to collaborate with faculty and engage in research projects through the Center for Higher Education. The executive program is well known for innovative programming. Since 1982, this weekend program has enriched the skills and knowledge of students while they have continued to work as full time administrators and faculty in colleges and universities throughout Ohio and adjacent states. Leaders from 22 different Ohio colleges and universities have enrolled in our last three weekend groups, and many of them have joined the roster of presidents, provosts, vice presidents, other key administrators, and faculty who now serve 105 universities and colleges in 29 states, and in 16 nations.

One of the strengths of the weekend executive program has been the development of communities of scholars who meet regularly during the course of studies. Cycle XII will continue to tradition of building upon the experience, knowledge, and strengths of students by providing rich face-to-face and technology-mediated interactions. Over the course of a 15-week semester, students will be expected to meet for between 5 and 7 weekends face-to-face.

"I chose the OU PhD in Higher Education Administration for several reasons. The curriculum provides a comprehensive foundation while also challenging us to think beyond our own experiences, and OU makes it easy for working students by taking care of course scheduling, registration and other processes. But for me, it is the strength of a cohort program that sold me. Knowing that you have a built in support system of fellow students that you can lean on is invaluable." - Rebecca Butler- VP of Enrollemnt Management and Student Services at Columbus State Community College