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Counselor Eduction Courses



EDCE 6200 Foundations of Counseling*
EDCE 6220 Career Development*
EDCE 6240 Professional School Counseling (SC)
EDCE 6260 Medical and Psychosocial Issues in Rehabilitation Counseling (CMH/CLRC)
EDCE 6290 Job Placement Theory and Techniques (CMH/CLRC)
EDCE 6310 Appraisal I*
EDCE 6450 Counseling over the Lifespan*
EDCE 6500 Group Counseling I*
EDCE 6550 Counseling Theory and Techniques*
EDCE 6620 Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Counseling*
EDCE 6750 Psychopathology for Counselors (CMH, CMH/CLRC)
EDCE 6810 Seminar in Counseling*
EDCE 6860 Multicultural Counseling*
EDCE 6915 Counseling Internship*
EDCE 6920 Counseling Practicum*

EDCE 7245 Counseling Children and Adolescents (SC)
EDCE 7320 Personality Assessment (CMHC, CMH/CLRC)
EDCE 7330 Counseling Assessment of Children and Adolescents (SC)
EDCE 7620 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Counseling*


EDCE 8200 Advanced Seminar for Counselor Education and Supervision

EDCE 8240 Counselor Education Professional Publications
EDCE 8520 Advanced Group Counseling
EDCE 8550 Counseling Theory Advanced
EDCE 8590 Counselor Supervision
EDCE 8600 Counselor Education
EDCE 8640 Mental Health Consultation
EDCE 8910 Internship
EDCE 8920 Practicum in Counselor Education and Supervision
EDCE 8930 Advanced Readings and Research in Counseling
EDCE 8950 Dissertation
EDCE 8990 Leadership in Counseling


EDCE 6900/8900 Special Topics in Education - Counselor Education (Tpics vary by offering)
EDCE 6910 Field Experience in Counseling
EDCE 6930 Readings and Research in Counseling
EDCE 7241 Introduction to Play Therapy
EDCE 7390 Family Counseling
EDCE 7600 Addictions Counseling Theory and Practice
EDCE 7703 Cognitive Therapy
EDCE 7704 Counseling the Terminally Ill and HIV/AIDS Clients
EDCE 7705 Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy
EDCE 7730 Gender Issues in Counseling

An asterisk (*) indicates required courses for all M.Ed. students
SC=Required for School Counseling specialization
CMH/CLRC= Required for Clinical Mental Health/Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling specialization

NOTE: Research design and methods courses for Master's and Doctoral students are completed in the Department of Education Studies.


For more information, please contact:

Adrienne Erby, PhD, NCC
Counselor Education Program Coordinator
Lecturer and Interim Director of the George E. Hill Center
Lindley Hall N160F