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Education Public Policy Leadership Certificate


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Ohio University’s Patton College of Education, in collaboration with The Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, is launching a one-year online Education Public Policy Leadership Certificate designed to expose participants to real-world theoretical and practical instruction and experiences in education public policy leadership studies.

Upon completion, students will have a strong command of the education public policymaking process, including policy development, analysis, implementation, evaluation, and advocacy. Participants will be equipped with knowledge and skills that will increase their employability in the education public policy sphere. 

Who should apply?
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Course Offerings
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Program Curriculum

This graduate level 12-credit program will run on a January to December time frame and will culminate in a three-day face-to-face networking residency in Washington, D.C. This experience will enable participants to interface with their peers and key professionals in the public policy arena. Faculty from Ohio University will deliver engaging course sessions with guest lectures from practitioners and leaders in varied aspects of public policy. For more information, you can view our FAQ's or fill out an inquiry form

Who should apply?

This certificate is designed for professionals who have an interest in education public policy, and/or are working in fields such as:

  • K12 and/or higher education
  • School boards
  • Education professional associations
  • State and federal goverment organizations
  • Non-governmental and civic organizations
  • Foundations
  • Think tanks focused on education issues
  • Legislative affairs
  • Lobbying

Apply Now

To apply:

  • click on the "Apply Now" link above
  • create an account in the Ohio University application system
  • fill out the Non-Degree application form (program code: ND9990)
  • confirm the application fee
  • arrange for submission of official transcripts
  • the GRE is not required for this program


Course Offerings

Foundational Awareness of Education Public Policy Issues

Students receive a foundational awareness of public policy issues in education. Topics explored offer an overview regarding how individuals involved with education public policy can develop an understanding of the education public policy process. Students consider how education public policy topics reach the public policy agenda and how agenda items are formulated. Additionally, students explore the development of select K-12 education public policy issues. Students also learn about the interplay between the power, policy and politics in education public policy-making.

Legal Issues in Education

This course offers an introduction to historical and contemporary legal issues occurring in school settings with a focus on legal literacy that reflects competent, caring, culturally responsive, and social justice oriented approaches to solutions. Topics explored include legal rights, requirements and key federal court cases that have shaped K-12 policies and procedures.

Issues, Institutions and Stakeholders in Education Public Policy

Students explore the nature of the institutions and stakeholders in the education public policy environment. Students understand the relationships between key institutions and stakeholders in education public policy. Students examine opportunities for multi-directional communication between institutions and stakeholders within the public policy sphere about education public policy issues. Further, students consider the dynamics between and the capacity of various education public policy institutions and stakeholders to influence education public policy issues.

Leadership in Education Policy

In this course, students will analyze cases involving leaders in education policy using a framework for strategic leadership/management in the public sector.

Policy Perspectives in Education

This course reviews significant educational laws, court cases and policies that affect teaching and learning in today's schools. This course identifies ethical issues that affect the students' understanding of educational policy and policy formation. Additionally, the course helps students identify ways that they can use these laws and policies to create a more equitable educational system. Topics covered include: an overview of the role of federal, state, local governing bodies, non-government agencies, lobbyists, and other stakeholders on the policy making process for K-12 education. Exploration of the politics of education and institutional agendas is a major component.

Education Policy Analysis

Focusing on key aspects of education policymaking and analysis, and designed to introduce students to ways of systematically thinking about public policy. Because one cannot analyze public policy without understanding the roots of the policy in question, in this course, we focus on understanding the history of education policy, the key forces in the policy arena, how to use an appropriate framework for analysis, and the limitations of policy frameworks.

Education Public Policy Implementation and Evaluation

Students explain the implementation and evaluation stages of the education public policy process. Students examine key steps in public policy implementation and explore how a new policy can be implemented. Students express insights regarding issues surrounding policy implementation. Additionally, students gain understandings regarding the general principles of evaluation in education public policy.

Education Public Policy Practicum and Residency

This course is the culmination of the Education Public Policy Leadership Certificate and it includes a face-to-face networking residency and capstone experience. Students network and interface with their cohort members and participate in seminars where capstone projects regarding education public policy are presented to peers and select policymakers.

Program Faculty

Dr. Dwan Robinson, The Patton College of Education

Dr. Marsha Lewis, The Voinovich School

Dr. Jason Jolley, The Voinovich School

Dr. Linda Trautman, Poilitical Science, Ohio University Lancaster

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Dwan Robinson 
Educational Studies, Department Chair
The Patton College of Education

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