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Student Success Stories


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We are extremely proud of the accomplishments our students acheive every day. Make sure to keep us in the loop on everything you're doing that is empowering you in your academic career at Ohio University!

To submit a success story, please fill out the form at this link:  Share your story!


jordyn zimmerman


Jordyn just finished her freshman year in The Patton College, and you're going to want to hear her story! We will continuously strive to better meet the needs of our students with autism, just as Jordyn perseveres every day to excel in her academics.



3rd grade student letterKELLY WILLIAMS & ABBY MORGAN


With the encouragement of their mentor teacher, Josie Dupler,  partnership students, Kelly Williams and Abby Morgan, wrote an inspirational letter to their 3rd grade class the evening before they had to take the 3rd grade state assessment. Letter to 3rd grade class



Teacher Education student, Amie Musselman, is featured in The Post's Innovation issue for the app she created call "D-Day" to educate students about the historical raid of the Normandy beaches. The "D-Day" app is available in the iTunes store. Learn more about her innovative teaching strategies HERE. 



Jinghong spent most of her young adult life as “a typical Chinese woman", as she recalls. She was respectful of her elders, authority figures, employers, the government, and her male relatives. While Cai still respects the people she encounters on a daily basis, she has found a greater sense of purpose and empowerment in her own life and seeks to bring justice and equality to other marginalized populations. Read more about her brave journey HERE. 


Pique thumbnailSEBASTIAN PIQUE 

Earlier this summer, Sebastian Pique did a little research on the Peace Corps – not for himself, but on behalf of his roommate, who requested his assistance. Well, the roommate isn’t joining the Peace Corps, but Pique is!  To read te full story, click HERE




Erin McCloskey, a second-year master’s student within The Patton College’s Counselor Education Program, has been named an Albert Schweitzer Fellow and is using yoga and meditation to help women and children who have been victims of domestic abuse. To read the full story, click HERE. 



rebecca_darlingREBECCA DARLING

The Patton College is sending out a huge thank you to Rebecca Darling, a PCOE special education student, for donating her desktop CCTV to Nelsonville-York schools! This donation has provided great success to students in the class. To view the success story, click HERE.




Integrated Social Studies Education student, Benjamin Bruns, has experienced service learning first-hand with his students from Athens High School students. He took the group to Wayne National Forest where they volunteered to clean up an illegal dumpsite within the park. Read more about Benjamin's service learning project HERE (scroll halfway down the page to find his entry). 



Tony Moos, a Patton College senior studying Special Education is helping make a difference in the community with a program called 'Hoops of Joy'. To learn more about the program, check out this article from Speakeasy Magazine featuring Tony and how the program is inspiring our youth.

To view the full article, click HERE.