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Student Success Stories


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We are extremely proud of the accomplishments our students acheive every day. Make sure to keep us in the loop on everything you're doing that is empowering you in your academic career at Ohio University!

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OHIo proud, patton proud!


Sebastian Pique: Joining the Peace Corps


PiqueEarlier this summer, Sebastian Pique did a little research on the Peace Corps – not for himself, but on behalf of his roommate, who requested his assistance. Well, the roommate isn’t joining the Peace Corps, but Pique is. 


“Their mission seemed appealing to me, and I thought that I would be a strong applicant,” said Pique, a senior in the Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) program. “I believe that my experiences at Ohio University and experiences in the Athens community have prepared me for teaching in the Peace Corps.”


Pique, who graduates this spring, will teach English in Mongolia. He leaves in May and will be there for 27 months, which includes pre-service training.


“The Peace Corps is going to allow me to chase my passions,” said Pique. “This will be an amazing experience that will grant me an opportunity to bring back a multitude of knowledge to share with people in the United States after my service.  There is no telling where it may take me, but I am ready for whatever opportunities and struggles come my way.”


Pique knows that his everyday life will change drastically in Mongolia, but he sees the experience not as an inconvenience, but rather, as an opportunity for growth.


“I don’t have many concerns,” said Pique, who grew up in the Chicago suburbs. “There will definitely be some struggles and rough times, but I’m expecting those going into this experience, and I’ll be ready to endure and work with anything that comes my way. Learning the language and handling the rough winters are certainly not going to be easy tasks, and living without modern conveniences, eating unusual foods, and possibly (dealing with) geographic isolation are just some of the things I’ll come face-to-face with during my time in Mongolia. But those will be minor challenges in my way. Overall, it will be a very rewarding learning experience, and I’m extremely excited to teach there.”


Pique, whose father is of Cuban descent, was raised in a multicultural home. In many ways, his upbringing inspired him to embark on this journey.


“I have seen how the United States is very welcoming of all people and does a lot for everyone that is a part of our country, as well as people from other places around the world,” said Pique. “I think this is a big part of me wanting to serve for my country and give back. I am always trying to aid in my community and for different causes. I once read that it is important to judge a man by his contributions to mankind. I took that as motivation to make a legacy for myself. I want to share how amazing of a place we live in with other people.”


Pique has been involved in many extracurricular activities on campus. He is a Patton College Student Ambassador, president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and Treasurer of the Physical Education Club, among other activities. 


“As the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee president, I am responsible for attending and organizing several service projects,” said Pique. “One initiative we are highly involved in is the MAC Mental Health Awareness Week, where we put much of our energy into students and their wellbeing.”


Pique is also a wrestling coach at Alexander High School. In fact, he wrestled for Ohio University for two years but has been unable to compete due to injury since 2015.


“It was a great experience that taught me many valuable lessons like the importance of discipline, hard work, and adaptability,” said Pique.


After serving in the Peace Corps, Pique intends to go to graduate school and become a high school teacher. He believes that the skills he has learned in the PETE program – and the skills he will learn in the Peace Corps – will help him in the future.


“I hope to bring back a lot of experience and different worldly views in order to share a better understanding of other peoples with my students and people here in the United States,” he said. “The PETE program has given me many great opportunities to become a better teacher and person. Our program has really taught me how to engage, manage, and motivate large groups of students in K-12 (learning environments). These skills are transferrable in all areas of life, especially strong leadership and team-building skills.”



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