Ohio University

Dean Renée A. Middleton

Greetings Patton College community,

The start of a semester is often an exciting yet hectic time. From new classes to new personal goals, you may have a lot on your plate in the coming weeks and months. I encourage you to remain focused on your academic goals and to forge ahead on the positive path that you have chosen. It is easy to feel overwhelmed at this time of year, but I am confident in your ability to juggle priorities and responsibilities.

As you navigate coursework and extracurricular activities, I would also encourage you to remain knowledgeable about current events and passionate about issues that impact communities far and wide, from Southeast Ohio to the other side of the globe. As members of The Patton College, we are CALLED to LEAD! That means listening to each other, respecting each other, and working together to improve the lives of others. I have full confidence in your ability to lead by example and to be model members of our community.

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As always, please follow our social media accounts on Twitter (@OHIOpattoncoe) and Facebook for updates on the latest events and news from around the College.

Each year brings with it the promise of hope and renewed energy to achieve all things.

Renee Middleton



Renee A. Middleton, Ph.D.


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