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Alumni Testimonials


"Today was an awesome day for me. I had another teacher tell me today how impressed she was with my classroom management and overall classroom atmosphere. She told me she couldn't believe that I am a first year teacher due to how successful my classroom is run. She kept telling me how awesome it is that my students remain on task and know exactly what is expected of them. After our conversation, she asked where I went to school and I proudly told her Ohio University. I feel extremely blessed by the experiences I had while attending OU. Thank you to all of my mentors and professors I had throughout my college career! I cannot thank you all enough, for making me into the teacher I am today! Here's to an amazing year in Kindergarten!" - Amber Teagan, Early Childhood Alumna

"I am an Ohio University Alumni who was part of the Plains Partnership Program in 2010 - 2011. I am currently a kindergarten teacher in Chicago, IL and working with administrators and a local university about teacher preparation. I felt  that I benefited greatly from our partnership program and wanted to extend that opportunity to other college  students who want to be outstanding educators." - Kaitlyn Carson

"Without my experiences at the COE, I would not be the teacher or person I am today. You all helped me be a better leader, learner, student, and teacher". - Cherish Odom Davies

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"The C.A.R.E. program was authentic in that it modeled how its students should live, be, and lead in schools." - Melinda A. Tsapatsaris, Class of '98

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"It was such a great experience, and a wonderful opportunity for personal and professional growth that has been so beneficial to me". - Rachel McInnis

To view the letter from Ms. McInnis about the COST program, click HERE.

"I can confidently say that the year-long pilot program experience has already helped me out immensely!" - Zachary Wiard

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