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Undergraduates: Economics Major

Bachelors of Arts (Major in Economics in College of Arts & Sciences)

The Economics major in the College of Arts & Sciences is part of a broad liberal arts education. The Economics major requires a minimum of 30 semester hours in economics plus a course which is an introduction to calculus. EconomicsUndergraduate Students   majors may take Introduction to Calculus (MATH1350) to fulfill the calculus requirement.  Majors are encouraged to take this course in their freshmen year. Students who have completed a higher-level calculus course may substitute that course for MATH1350 with the permission of the Department.  MATH1350 does not count toward the 30 semester hours in economics requirement.

The first two required economics courses survey essential topics in microeconomics and macroeconomics.  Students may fulfill the microeconomics requirement by taking Principles of Microeconomics (ECON1030) . Students may fulfill the macroeconomics requirement by taking Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON1040).

Other required courses for the Economics major are Intermediate Microeconomics (ECON3030), Intermediate Macroeconomics (ECON3040), Introduction to Statistics and Econometrics (ECON3810) and Economic Methodology and Research (ECON4850).  ECON4850 fulfills the University’s General Education Tier III requirement.

Note:  Econ3810 is a pre-requisite for Econ4850.  Econ3810 is offered in the Fall semester.  Econ4850 is offered in the Spring semester.

Economics majors may fulfill the University’s General Education Tier I junior composition requirement by enrolling in ECON3100J.  If ECON3100 is not available, another J class will fulfill the Tier I junior composition requirement.

Students complete the 30 semester hours in economics requirement by enrolling in four economics elective courses. Consult the Undergraduate Catalog for a full listing of economics elective courses.

Economics majors must complete all University General Education requirements and all College of Arts & Sciences requirements.

Economics majors may also pursue a minor in Business Administration. 

A dual major is possible with any other discipline in the College of Arts and Sciences, providing all College requirements are met and the requirements for the full major are met in both disciplines.

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