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BS in Economics Major

B.S. in Economics


The number of hours required for completion of the B.S. in Economics  program will be 36 hours in Economics and 18 hours in Mathematics.  In comparison, the B.A. degree in Economics requires 30 hours in Economics and 4 hours in Mathematics.


1.  Six required Economics classes (3 hrs each):

Econ 1030  Principles of Microeconomics

Econ 1040  Principles of Macroeconomics

Econ 3030 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory

Econ 3040 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

Econ 3810 Economic Statistics

Econ 4850 Economic Methodology


2.  Students must choose six of the following Economics electives (3 hrs each):

Econ 3000 Mathematical Economics

Econ 3020 Game Theory

Econ 3130 Economics of Environment

Econ 3140 Natural Resource Economics

Econ 3200 Labor Economics

Econ 3320 Industrial Organization

Econ 3350 Economics of Energy

Econ 3400 International Trade

Econ 3410 International Monetary Systems

Econ 3710 Cost-Benefit Analysis

Econ 3820 Economic Data Analysis

Econ 4870 Introduction to Econometrics

Econ 4890 Economics with SAS

Other Economics electives allowed with Permission


3.  Students must complete 14-18 hours in Mathematics, depending on the student’s math placement level.


A.  Students should have math placement level 3 or do one of the following:

Complete Math 1300 Pre-Calculus with grade of C or better

Complete Math 1322 Elm App Math II with grade of C or better

Complete Math 1350 Survey of Calculus with grade of B or better


Students with math placement level 3 do not need to take any of these three 1000-level classes and can begin with Math 2301 (see below). 

B.  Students must complete Math 2301 and Math 2302 (8 hrs)


C.  Students must complete one of the following:

 (Math 3050 Discrete Mathematics and Math 3210 Linear Algebra) (6 hrs)


 (Math 3200 Applied Linear Algebra and Math 3400 Elementary Differential Equations) (6 hrs)

Other University Required Courses:


A.  University General Education Requirements

Tier I

Tier II

Tier III (fulfilled by Econ 4850)

120 hours to graduate


B.  College of Arts & Sciences Distribution Requirements 

One year of a foreign language

Arts & Sciences Distribution Requirements

        -Nine hours of Humanities

        -Nine hours of Social Sciences

        -Nine hours of Natural Sciences

60 hours of A&S at 2000-level and above