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RCENT - EDS Program in eCommerce Enabling Technologies

EE 491/591 Electronic Commerce Fundamentals

Course Description

This course will examine the basic culture, the terminology and the components needed to understand and participate in the world of Electronic Commerce. Participants will learn how to design, implement, launch, market and manage a successful Web Storefront. Topics to be covered include Benefits and Limitations of eCommerce, eCommerce Models, eCommerce Internet Infrastructure, Electronic Payment Systems,Internet Security, and Legal, Ethical, and Public Policy Issues.

Course Outline

  • eCommerce Overview

  • Terms and Definitions.

  • A brief history of eCommerce.

  • Today's statistics and tomorrow's predictions.

  • The benefits of eCommerce - Reasons for going Online.

  • Technical and non-technical limitations of eCommerce.

  • Global eCommerce.

  • Mobile eCommerce.

  • eCommerce Models and Case Studies

  • The Electronic Supply Chain.

  • Retail eCommerce (B2C)

  • B2B

  • Government

  •  Internet Infrastructure for eCommerce.

  • Internet Network Architecture (Four Tiers).

  • Internet Protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, MIME).

  • Web-based Client/Server.

  • Commercial Web Servers (Apache, IIS, NES).

  • Databases and Data Mining.

  • Electronic Data Interchange.

  • Intelligent Agents.

  • Intranets-Extranets.

  • Next Generation Internet.

  • Electronic Payment Systems

  • Electronic Payments and Protocols.

  • Electronic Credit Card System - How it works.

  • Electronic Fund transfer.

  • Smart Cards and E-Cash

  • Micropayments.

  • Electronic Check Systems.

  • Internet Security

  • Network Threats.

  • Encryption (Private and Public Key,

  • Digital Signatures.

  • Viruses.

  • Digital Certificates and Certificate Authorities.

  • SSL Protocol.

  • SET.

  • Firewalls and Proxy Servers.

  • Virtual Private Networks.

  •  Building Web Storefronts

  • Web Storefront Definition

  • Why Sell Products Online

  • Storefront Architecture.

  • Storefront Desired Features.

  • Web Server hardware and software requirements.

  • Hosted Storefronts--Standalone (rentals-vs-purchase).

  • Storefront Commercial Suites. (you build it, you host it)

  • Secure Storefront Architecture.

  • Marketing your site.

  • How to generate demand.

  • Strategies to keep customers coming.

  • Building Customer Relationships.

  • The Search Engine challenge.

  • Outsourcing versus Insourcing

  • Site Analysis Tools.

  • Multimedia Delivery

  • (Webcasting, Streaming Audio/Video, Internet Phone)

  •  Key issues in building an eCommerce System.

  • Vision and Goals.

  •  Strategy.

  •  The Business Process.

  •  Re-engineering.

  •  Deploying a solution.

  •  Pitfalls.

  •  Legal Concerns.

  • Legal-Ethical and Public Policy Issues

  • Protecting Privacy.

  • Protecting Intellectual Property.

  • Free Speech -vs- Censorship.

  • Child Protection.

  • Taxation Policies.

  • Consumer and Seller Protection.

  • Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents.

  • Other eCommerce Issues.

  •  Auction Technology (Benefits-Types-Markets-Settings-Vendors).

  •  Shopping Carts.

  •  Online Trading.

  •  Online Marketing and Advertising.


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