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Request a Tour

To request a tour, please copy/paste the following information into an email to

Please be sure all blanks are completed prior to submitting.

Contact Name: ________________________________
Contact Title: _______________________
Contact Email:______________________________


Are you a(n):

___ OU Student

___ OU Faculty

___OU Staff

___Community Member

___Other: __________________

Date requested: _______________________________Back-up Date: _______________________

Time requested: _______________________________Back-up Time: ________________________

Group or Class the tour is for: ____________________Number of people in group: ______________

Are you requesting (check all that apply):

___ Ecohouse Tour

___ Compost Tour

Explain what you hope your group will learn from taking the tour .Include specific questions you would like addressed.

Explain the focus of the course (or group) and any desired learning outcomes.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this request. You will receive a reply within 4 business days.