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Request a Plot

In 2005, the Ohio Ecohouse was created as a sustainable living example on campus. In 2012, the Ecohouse project was expanded by inviting Ohio University campus community members to participate in the Community Garden Program. The garden has been be parceled into ten plots for others to grow food in chemically-free, environmentally sound ways.  Gardeners are asked to donate a tithe of their harvest to local food pantries or others in need.

The Community Garden initiative is a part of a larger food security movement at Ohio University and in Athens county. In alignment with the Sustainability Plan, a garden open to the campus community fosters citizenship, stewardship and justice. Gardeners will engage in a healthy lifestyle change, forming harmonious relationships with the natural world and other community members. Gardening is a great way to save money, enjoy local food, and build knowledge of sustainability.


A community garden plot may be adopted by a student group, a department, or an individual at no cost.  All plots are reassigned each spring (assignments confirmed by mid-February).  Tools, resources and education will be provided to any who request it. 


Anyone interested in reserving a plot at the Ecohouse Community Garden for Spring 2016 may fill out the application form to the right.  Plots for Spring 2015 have already been assigned.