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­The mission of the OHIO Ecohouse is to demonstrate affordable green technology and sustainable living in order to inform, engage and inspire both residents and visitors. ­The OHIO Ecohouse is not just a place - it is a dynamic educational experience which promotes critical thinking and tangible actions toward sustainability.


The below electronic application for residing in the OHIO Ecohouse will be accepted for FY18 on a rolling basis (applications received prior to October 15, 2016 will receive preferential consideration).  Please note: residents have already been selected for FY17 (summer 2016 - spring 2017).


Interested and eligible students must complete the application below and, if selected, agree to sign a 12 month lease (Mid-May to early May) or a 9 month lease (August-May). ­A balance of graduate and undergraduate students (3 total) will share the living space. If applying to live in the house as a group, please include those details in your essay. Group applications will receive preferntial consideration. ­The monthly rent for the room is approximately ­$438 (includes all utilities) and subject to change prior to signing the lease .



- Must be a current OHIO student and eligible to live off campus.

- Complete the online application form

- Agree to all terms and conditions of the lease and student lifestyle guidelines.

Applicants can apply to live in the house in groups of 2 or 3.  If you're applying as a group, please complete the application below (1 per applicant) and mention the name(s) of your preferred roommate(s) in your essay.  

By selecting the checkbox above, I am stating that I understand the above information and the Lifestyle Guidelines.

Have you verified with Residential Housing that you are eligible to live off campus?
Please provide a 1,000 word (max) essay stating why you would like to live in the OHIO Ecohouse and how your skills/abilities would positively contribute to the living environment. Successful applicants will express a serious commitment to or interest in the overall philosophy of sustainable living.