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Proctors verify that exams are administered under the proper conditions. Some online classes require the midterm and the final exams be taken at a proctored site.

A proctor is someone who is employed full-time in education. Relatives, employers, co-workers, church leaders, or anyone with a personal or business connection to you or your family are NOT approved proctors. There are several proctor sites Ohio University works with listed below. You will need to complete the proctor form if testing with a college other than Ohio University. If scheduling with an Ohio University campus, you only need to contact that campus to schedule your appointment. All testing materials will be forwarded prior to exam date to each regional campus. In order to maintain the highest degree of integrity for Ohio University, we reserve the right to decline any person whom we feel could be a potential conflict of interest as a proctor.

How Proctoring Works

  1. You select the proctor site that is most convenient to you. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CALL THE SITE AND MAKE A RESERVATION FOR TESTING.
  2. At least 10 days before your exam, fill out and submit the online form to notify Ohio University of your proctoring arrangement. The form is available here: proctor form.
  3. If you are planning to use a proctoring site OTHER than those on the list below, see the "Using an Alternate Proctor Site" information in the column to the right.
  4. We will send exams to the proctor site.
  5. You take the exam as scheduled and the completed exam will be sent to Ohio University by the proctor site.

A Few Things You Need to Know About Proctor Sites:

  • Proctor sites MAY charge fees for their services. You are responsible for paying all fees for proctoring. We work to provide sites that are free or charge minimal fees. The list below includes the fee charged by the site. If you plan to use an alternate site, when you call for an appointment you should ask if a fee is charged.

  • You must complete the exam in an educational facility. (No proctoring may take place at a private residence.

  • You must schedule and reserve a testing date for EACH proctored exam even if you return to the same proctor for the second exam.

  • If you have any questions regarding suitable proctors, contact examproctor@ohio.edu or call 740.593.2902 or 1.888.551.6446.

  • If you would like to schedule an exam with a proctor other than with Ohio University (see Alternate Proctor info in column at right), make sure to submit the online proctor form to notify eLearning OHIO of your proctoring arrangement at least 10 days before your exam date so we can verify the site and provide the appropriate exam information to that site.

OHIO Testing Services works closely with several off-campus proctoring sites. The list below includes several of the proctoring sites in Ohio often used by OHIO students.

If testing with a college other than Ohio University, you MUST complete the online form for EACH proctored exam.

Off-Campus Proctoring Sites


University of Akron
Testing & Career Center/Simmons Hall 304, Akron
Contact Person: Lori Horton
Contact Info: 330.972.7084
Fee: $20 per hour


Kent State Stark Campus
Academic Support Services, 6000 Frank Ave NW, North Canton
Contact Person: Lisa Hart
Contact Info: 330.244.5042
Fee: $25 per exam


University of Cincinnati
Testing Center, 102 University Pavillion, 2618 McMicken Circle, Cincinnati
Contact Person: Paula Doughman
Contact Info: 513.556.7173
Fee: $35 for first two hours and $5 each additional hour


Columbus State Community College
Testing Center, 315 Cleveland Ave (WD Rm 223), Columbus
Contact Person: Maurice Anderson
Contact Info: 614.287.5794 or manderso@cscc.edu
Fee: $40 per exam

Franklin University
Student Learning Center, 201 S Grant Ave, Columbus
Contact Number: 866.341.6206
Fee: $25 per exam


Cleveland State University
Testing Center, 2124 Chester Ave, RW 215, Cleveland
Contact Person: Iris Zana
Contact Info: 216.687.2272
Fee: $40 per exam

Cuyahoga Community College-Western Campus
11000 Pleasant Valley Rd, Parma
Contact Person: Sally Kurowski
Contact Info: 216.987.5698 or 216.987.5257 or
Fee: $25 per exam


University of Dayton
Counseling Center, 127 Gosiger Hall, 300 College Park, Dayton
Contact Person: Gail Krumheuer
Contact Info: 937.229.3277
Fee: $20 per hour


Lorain County Community College
1005 N Abbe Rd, Elyria
Contact Person: Mercedes Perez
Contact Info: 440.366.7654 or mperez@lorainccc.edu or testing services
No appointment needed. Hours of operation are Mon and Thurs, 8:30am to 7:30pm; Tue, Wed, Fri 8:30am-5pm; Sat, 10am-2pm


Washington State Community College
Arts & Sciences Building, 710 Colegate Dr, Marietta
Contact Person: Cheryl Sauls
Contact Info: 740.374.8716 or csauls@wscc.edu
Fee: None


Central Ohio Technical College
1179 University Dr, Newark
Contact Person: Heidi Hartley
Contact Info: 740.366.9417 or hartley.216@osu.edu
Fee: $25 per exam


Clark State Community College
570 East Leffel Lane, Springfield
Contact Person: Tambry Kegley
Contact Info: 937.328.7934 or kegleyt@clarkstate.edu
Contact for scheduling; testing times vary.
Fee: $25 per exam


Owens Community College
Testing Center
Contact Person: Jody Hertel
Contact Info: 567.661.7547
Fee: $25 per exam


Using an Alternate Proctor Site

The following are approved proctors for exams:
  • Full-time faculty of local college testing center
  • Full-time faculty and administrative staff at public-private college and universities
  • Full-time teacher or staff member
  • Full-time guidance counselor/counseling staff
  • Hospital Education Department
  • Embassy education officer**
  • Military base/station education officer**
  • Base commander**

**Must be active in the armed forces to use these proctor options.

Non-approved sites

  • Effective fall 2013, school libraries and public libraries will no longer be approvable proctoring locations.
  • Proctor U
  • Learning Center/ Tutoring Center
  • Floor or unit educators of a hospital

If you have any questions regarding suitable proctors, contact examproctor@ohio.edu 
or call 740.593.2902 or 1.888.551.6446.

NO paper-based exams will be faxed or emailed, only mailed using standard US mail service.