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Ohio University Eastern Honors Spring 2022 Graduating Class

Ohio University Eastern honored spring 2022 graduates at a Graduation Recognition Ceremony Thursday, April 28 in St. Clairsville.

OHIO Eastern Dean of Campus and Community Relations David Rohall welcomed graduates, their family members, alumni, faculty, staff, and honorees. He also noted special guests, including OHIO Eastern coordinating council representative, Judge Harry White.

“I am excited to be here because I believe that this is a great institution, and this is a special year for a number of reasons,” Rohall said. “We are finally able to have a normal graduation ceremony, one that is not limited by COVID restrictions. We also are celebrating graduation during the 65th Anniversary year. This is a special night indeed.”

Graduating student speaker Macy Shriver of Martins Ferry, Ohio, addressed the audience by revealing aspects of her personal journey that led her to discover her passion for education. “I did not start college here at Ohio University Eastern. I was going to college elsewhere to get a degree in nursing. I quickly realized this was not for me once I started clinicals. I had to make a plan that would drastically change the course of my life in a matter of weeks,” Shriver shared. “I applied at OHIO Eastern and met with advisors. After thinking about the happiness my mom and aunt get from their teaching jobs and about what I wanted from a career, I chose middle childhood education. Changing my major was not a failure. It was a discovery.”

Shriver is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Middle Childhood Education and plans to obtain a teaching position in science or language arts in a local middle school.

Assistant Professor Emeritus of History Michael McTeague delivered the keynote address. McTeague, an alumnus and longtime faculty at Ohio University, has a reputation of being a true champion for the OHIO Eastern campus, advocating for education on all levels throughout our region.

He spoke directly to the graduating class sharing his wisdom, his vast experience, and unforgettable moments that he has experienced as an OHIO alumnus and renowned emeritus faculty.

McTeague encouraged the graduating class to become lifelong learners. “Continue learning to stay current in your field. Mentor somebody. Pass on some of your knowledge to someone else. Try civic engagements and become involved in your communities to make it a better place.”

Jacqueline Yahn, assistant professor of instruction and the Middle Childhood Education program coordinator at OHIO Eastern was recognized by Dean David Rohall for receiving the 2022-23 University Professor award for outstanding teaching. 

Pamela June, associate professor of English was also recognized by Dean David Rohall as the recipient of the Regional Campus Outstanding Professor Award. This award honors faculty at regional campuses who have demonstrated excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service over the last three years.

In addition, Alexis Dejulio, Paul Ebeling, Dena Kinsey and Marlee Miller received the Outstanding Student Award in their field of study. These prestigious awards recognize students who have contributed holistically to not just their academic program, but also to the Eastern campus and surrounding community. These students maintain a high GPA, participate in various on-campus activities, and serve as role models for their fellow students.

John Prather, associate professor of mathematics, presented the 2022 graduation candidates.

2022 Spring Graduation List
•    Associate Degrees: Isobel Amis, Elsa Evans and Mollie Hamilton
•    Bachelor Degrees: Isobel Amis, Amanda Bates, Grace Berka, Riley Bethel, Kirsten Brown, Stacie Brown, Emily Cominsky, Miranda Cunningham, Jake Darrah, Hannah D’Aquilla, McKenzie Deese, Alexis Dejulio, Madison Dwyer, Paul Ebeling, Elsa Evans, Jerrika Gilbert, Madelyn Hoffer, Trey Isaly, Kevin Kinnan, Dena Kinsey, Sierra Matthews, Marlee Miller, Jordan Murphy, Larissa Orr, Guytano Pagano, Lauren Pyle, Brad Quaigg, Lyndsay Shankle, Macy Shriver, Shane Schuster and Kristen Zbikowski.