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OHIO University Eastern Honors 2021 Graduates

St. Clairsville, OH (April 29, 2021) Ohio University’s Eastern Campus honored graduates, student leaders and special guests at the Graduation Recognition Ceremony Thursday evening at the campus’ Health and Physical Education Center in St. Clairsville.

Eastern Campus Dean David Rohall welcomed the graduates, veterans, alumni, faculty and staff, honorees, and special guests.  He was followed by the keynote speaker Ms. Angela Wood.  

“I am excited to be here because I believe that this is a great institution,” Rohall exclaimed. “I am also excited today because it is finally time to celebrate. We are just now starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel regarding COVID but, importantly, we are celebrating the graduation of our students.”


He continued, “I believe that our students should be especially proud of their accomplishments. They have completed their education amidst a global pandemic! Today, you can honestly say that you persevered, that you have overcome the extra stresses associated with the illness of friends and family and, in some cases, yourself. You coped with the added burden of isolation while continuing the course of your education. You have overcome the challenges brought upon by one of the worst catastrophes facing the globe to date.”  

Ms. Angela Wood is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and the Executive Director of the Augusta Levy Learning Center (ALLC) in Wheeling, WV, an outstanding leader in the community and an Alum of Ohio University Eastern Campus delivered the keynote address.  Wood earned her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and obtained a master’s degree in Autism Spectrum Disorder from the University of Pittsburgh.

Wood began, “Congratulations to the OHIO Eastern Class of 2021 I cannot begin to tell you how truly honored I am to stand before you and congratulate on your success.”

Then Wood spoke directly to the graduating class sharing her philosophy of “Not no but how, how is it going to happen.”

“When I started college, I had no idea what I was going to do. I had switched my major three times during my first year. I had originally planned to go to Kent State for fashion design but because of the financial strain it would place on family, I decided to remain close to home and get my core classes at OHIO Eastern. By the end of my first year, I had decided to stay at the Eastern campus and enroll in the Early Childhood Education program. A classroom observation experience in my sophomore year changed my life.  I met and worked with a local elementary school student with autism.”  

Wood continued sharing “It’s extremely important for our individual growth to reflect on why we became the person that we are. Self-reflection is so important because it helps us understand our core values and those values determine how we will face each situation we encounter. Our values and beliefs are shaped by the people we meet and experiences we have. Every person and experience who we meet is like a candle to light our path. I am not so naive to stand before you and tell you that each encounter and experience will be pleasant, but it is what you decide to do with those experiences that can help guide you to a path of passion and personal fulfillment. No, the world cannot change but we can make the world a better place. Face each day willing to learn from others and your experiences and if you are willing to do that then you will go far. “
Wood concluded her speech by stating, “Please remember, never stop learning because life never stops teaching.”

Dr. John Prather presented the 2021 graduation candidates.  Following the presentation of the graduation candidates Dr. Sarah Mayan-Hays announced the students who received special recognition for achievements while studying at the Ohio University Eastern Campus.  Each outstanding student was nominated by a faculty member and their individual academic highlights were shared with those in attendance.

2021 Academic Awards

•    Outstanding Early Childhood Education Student – Sidney Wolgemuth

•    Outstanding Social Work Student- Hunter Miller

•    Outstanding Middle Childhood Education Student – Chance Goolie

•    Outstanding Applied Management Student - Kirt Lyon

•    Outstanding Specialized Studies Student - Samantha Seevers

2021 Graduation List

Associate in Applied Science: Alyssia Blake

Associate in Arts: Zachary Hull and Helen Koucoumaris

Bachelor of Arts: James Cesario, Dakotah Cooper, Shelby Gorlock, Zachary Hull, Sarah Lendon, Hannah May, and Alyssa Morrison

Bachelor of Science: Lauren Bizzari, Chelsea Burch, Cagney Campbell, Jacob Carpenter, Kristen Carnes, Molli Carter, Kelsey Chimley, Victoria Crow, Julie Daugherty,   Abigail DeCesare, Morgan Dick, Morgan Edwards, Adam Fleming, Ryan Fluharty, Gracie Gardner, Hunter George, Chance Goolie, Brittany Gromley, Brooke Hawkins, Benjamin Houston, Brittany McGarry, Matthew McFarland, Hunter Miller, Stephanie Imada, Rylee Kelly, Sailor Myers, Lea Nau, Connor Patterson, Samantha Seevers, Hannah Warrington, Cheyenne Williams, James Wilson and Sidney Wolgemuth