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Celebrating the unveiling of the Lactation Room at Ohio University Eastern are (front row l-r) Gigi Secuban, Student Senator Brooke Robinson, Academic Advisor and Retention Coordinator Jennifer Kellner-Muscar; Linda Mehl; (back row l-r) Bob Klein
September 11, 2018 : Ohio University Eastern debuts new Lactation Room

ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio — Ohio University Eastern debuted a new campus Lactation Room for students and staff recently.


The Lactation Rom, which was funded in part by the Women’s Center on the Athens Campus, is located in Office Suite 302B of Shannon Hall.  It features a comfortable, private setting and is outfitted with a breast pump, a glider rocker, and some informational literature.  The Lactation Room is open for students and employees throughout each school day.


Linda Mehl, RN and WIC Director at the Belmont County Health Department, attended the opening and came away pleased with the commitment from Ohio University Eastern.  “Breastfeeding has been shown to have many health benefits for the mother and the baby, she said.  “We are excited that Ohio University has set aside space for moms to go and pump and we hope that other schools and business entities will follow suit and provide this kind of facility for moms too.”


Mary Magers, RN and breastfeeding coordinator at Belmont County WIC, agreed with Mehl.  “Breastmilk is the ideal nutrition for infants up to age one,” she said.  “By providing a Lactation Room, women who attend school or work at the Eastern Campus will be able to maintain their supply and therefore keep their babies healthy, too.  In addition, moms of breastfed babies miss less school, and are able to better concentrate on learning while earning a degree. Overall, it benefits mom, baby and schools.”


"It really provides access for women who are in need of those spaces,” said Diversity and Inclusion Vide President Gigi Secuban. “We want to be able to provide these in spaces where they don't have to go to the restrooms."


Ohio University Eastern Dean Bob Klein was also fully supportive of the space and happy to reveal the new room.


"Ohio University Eastern wants to be one of the premiere family-friendly institutions and campuses throughout the region, he said.  “We are thrilled to unveil the Lactation Room, which will help us to be welcoming and supportive of our students and their families.  We are also very thankful to the Women’s Center for this wonderful gift.”