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Matthew Fox named Associate Director of Nursing at Ohio University Eastern

Matthew Fox

ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio (July 1, 2021) Ohio University Eastern welcomed Matthew Fox as the associate director and associate professor of Nursing. 

In his position, Fox will teach within the nursing curriculum throughout the year and supervise the nursing faculty and office staff.

He will draw on his previous nine years’ experience at Ohio University Zanesville as he continues to expand the new nursing program at OHIO Eastern.  

The program offers a traditional on-campus Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, with an accessible and state of the art nursing education.  High-fidelity simulation lab space on campus provides student’s real life clinical practice opportunities.  The classroom, laboratory, and clinical experiences offered at OHIO Eastern develop exceptional nurses who often work within the local community.

“My favorite skill to teach nursing students is not a technical skill, but the skill of active listening and engaging with patients to provide quality nursing care,” Fox said. “The skill of active listening creates a patient-centered practice that ultimately ends with better health outcomes.”

Fox considers earning his associate degree in nursing at OHIO Zanesville in 2009 as one of his greatest life accomplishments.  “I can say it was the most challenging of all of the degrees I have obtained.”  Fox said.

Fox continued his education by completing his BSN at Ohio University and, Master of Science in Nursing Administration at Norwich University.

Coworkers describe Fox’s teaching style as “direct and simple to understand. He, exhibits, a relaxed style of teaching that fits with his personality.  Fox employs empathy and mutual respect when interacting with students in the classroom.”

He advises students, “Listen to your patients and listen to your instincts when practicing nursing.  Patients know their body better and can be our greatest source for treatment plans.  Have empathy for your patients and understand that everyone comes from a different background with unique experiences that shape them.”

OHIO Eastern is continuing to accept applications for fall semester’s nursing program.  For more information, contact Lisa Jeffries at 740.699.2504 or visit ohio.edu/eastern.