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Jones named Ohio University Eastern exercise physiology faculty

William “Bill” Jones II was recently named assistant professor of instruction of exercise physiology at Ohio University Eastern.  

In his position, Jones will teach the exercise physiology curriculum throughout the year and supervise the bachelor’s degree program on campus.

Jones began his teaching career in the spring of 2018.  He will draw on his previous four years’ experience as an Ohio University Eastern and Wheeling University adjunct professor as he continues to expand the Exercise Physiology program at Ohio Eastern.

The exercise physiology bachelor’s degree program allows students to obtain positions in personal training, fitness consulting, and coaching. Professionals such as physical therapists, athletic trainers, massage therapists, chiropractors, massage therapist, and sports nutritionists use exercise physiology as an integral part of their job.  Many students enter the Exercise Physiology program with the goal of getting accepted into graduate programs in Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, among others.

“I enjoy teaching the art of communication to Exercise Physiology students. It is very important that students not only understand content but that they can communicate that knowledge to others,” Jones said.  “When students leave Ohio University, they will need to communicate with both those within the exercise physiology field and members of the general public.”

Coworkers describe Jones’ teaching style as “interactive and passionate.” He brings a lot of his personality from coaching into the classroom, which helps get his point across during course lectures. Jones dedicates time both inside and outside of the classroom to help students with projects, advising needs or just to provide an overall better understanding of the subject matter.

“Don’t stand still and make friends along the way. Viciously pursue your passions,” Jones advises students.  “Whatever path you choose in school or life should be undertaken with the recognition that success does not happen passively. Make one decision, if that does not bring you closer to your goal, then make another. Part of that process will involve building a strong network of people who are currently somewhere you want to be in the future. Many goals can be met in life by doing those two things.”

Students in OHIO Eastern’s exercise physiology program prepare for a variety of future opportunities, with the added benefit of affordable tuition, whether they are pursuing graduate school or going straight into a career.

OHIO Eastern is accepting applications for the Exercise Physiology program. For more information, contact Lisa Jeffries at 740.699.2504 or visit ohio.edu/eastern.