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The Bachelor of Arts in Social Work is a degree program designed for students who have a strong desire to help people improve their lives. The program incorporates classes in sociology, psychology, political science, and economics, and upper level courses including topics such as: social work values and ethics, dealing with culturally diverse populations, social policy, promotion of social justice, understanding human behavior, and social research methods. An additional requirement in this program is a yearlong internship where the student is placed in a local human services agency for practical experience.

With the successful completion of this program the student is eligible to take the entry-level social work licensing exam in any state that has an undergraduate license.


Opportunities Upon Graduation

A bachelor's degree in social work allows the graduate to pursue employment in many different fields, including child welfare, mental health, foster care and residential treatment, adoption services and in nursing homes, schools, governmental agencies and medical facilities. Social workers at the bachelor's level may work with many different populations. With a bachelor degree in social work the student is able to sit for the social work licensing exam for any state that has undergraduate licensing.


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Program Requirements

Ohio University Catalog for Social Work (BS6605)


Important Information for Students

Admissions Information


Freshman/First Year Admission
  • Students may designate "Pre-Social Work" as a major within the College of Health Sciences and Professions in their application to Ohio University. This allows the student to be assigned an advisor within the social work program during their first semester at Ohio University.


Transfer Students
  • When student transfer to Ohio University with an interest in social work or if they change their interest to majoring in social work the student the student designates his/her major as Pre-Social Work.


Admission to the Major

Admission to the major is a two-step process. Students are Pre-Social Work majors while they work on the requirements to apply to the major.  

To be admitted to the major students are required to submit a fully completed "Application for Major Status" including a personal essay, documentation of human service experience, two letters of reference and an up to date DARS to the department administrator in 416 Morton Hall by the end of the second week of fall or spring semester. To be considered for admission, students are required to have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5. In addition, they must have completed the following:

  1. SW 1000 and SW 2601 with a minimum grade of C (2.0) in both courses
  2. BIOS 1030, PSY 1010, PSY 2110, and PSY 2410 (or EDEC 1600), as well as one course in any two of these areas: anthropology, economics, political science, or sociology.
  3. Tier I composition (ENG 1510) and quantitative skills requirement
  4. A paid or volunteer experience in the area of social work (20 hours)


Anticipated Schedule @ OUE (subject to change):

Fall Semester Offerings
Course Title Notes
SW 1000 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare  
SW 2601 Social Welfare Overview and Trends  
SW 3701 Dynamics of Human Behavior  
SW 4801 Social Work Practice I  
SW 4921 Field Seminar I  
SW 4923 Field Practicum I  


Spring Semester Offerings
Course Title Notes
SW 1000 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare  
SW 3602 Social Welfare Policy  
SW 3940 Research Methods in Social Work  
SW 3801 Introduction to Social Work Practice Methods  
SW 4802 Social Work Practice II  
SW 4922 Field Seminar II  
SW 4924 Field Practicum II  



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