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Health Services Administration

The Health Services Administration (BSH) major prepares students for entry level managerial positions in a wide variety of health care settings including but not limited to: hospitals, nursing homes, official and voluntary health agencies and other related health delivery systems.

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Ohio University Catalog for Health Services Administration (BS8119)

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Requirements: 120 semester hours of course work including a 6 credit hour, 400 hour onsite internship.

Course of Study in the Health Sciences:

  • Hlth 2000: Introduction to Public Health
  • Hlth 2040: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
  • Hlth 2100: Health and Women
  • Hlth 2120: Controlling Stress and Tension
  • Hlth 2150: Violence in America
  • Hlth 2170: Health Systems Organization
  • Hlth 2700: Consumer Health
  • Hlth 2901: Health Aspects of Aging
  • Hlth 3160: Human Resources Management
  • Hlth 3300: Epidemiology
  • Hlth 3350: Leadership and Management
  • Hlth 3400: Contemporary Problems in health Care
  • Hlth 3735: Information and Decision Making
  • Hlth 4100: Program Planning and Implementation
  • Hlth 4210: Health Finance I
  • Hlth 4220: Health Finance II
  • Hlth 4375: Health Care Policy
  • Hlth 4445: Health Care Law and Ethics
  • Hlth 4585: Strategic Marketing
  • Hlth 4665: Administration Applications
  • Hlth 4910: Internship

Anticipated Schedule @ OUE (subject to change):

Health Services Administration at the Athens Campus