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5/9/17: The Ohio Department of Transportation is doing road construction on route 40, route 331, and interstate 70 near OUE.

Please plan ahead and allow more time when entering and leaving campus this summer. There will be ... More Information
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Bobcat Depot

Alphabetical Directory

Academic Departments Directory
Administrative Offices Directory


Name Title E-mail Office Phone
Abraham, Dr. Paul Dean and Associate Professor of Mathematics 740-699-2494
Baker, Lisa Instructor  
Barbina, Jordan Bobcat Essentials/Greenlight Cafe Manager & Men's Basketball Coach 740-699-2510
Burke, Savannah Women's Volleyball Coach 740-699-2360
Capezzuto, Donna Head Librarian 740-699-2344
Casebolt, Dr. James Associate Professor 740-699-2330
Castle, Dr. David Assistant Professor 740-699-2331
Cecil, Brad Senior Library Associate 740-699-2332
Chini, Kathie Professional Internship Supervisor 740-699-2500
Ciroli, Kim Lecturer in Early Childhood 740-699-2325
Conti, Tom Instructor  
Cooper-Lohr, Willie Instructor  
Diao, Dr. Zijian Associate Professor 740-699-2351
Doepken, Thomas 740-699-2337
Duffy, Trent IT Support Specialist 740-699-2338
Eberly, Keith Instructor  
Edgar, Nancy Administrative Services Associate 740-699-2352
Evick, John Instructor  
Fahey, Dr. Judith Instructor  
Flynn, Dr. Thomas Associate Professor Emeritus of English 740-699-2339
Fogle, Stephanie Instructor  
Fox, Dennis Instructor 740-699-2340
Fox, Jenn Instructor  
Frizzi, Dan Instructor  
Galbreath, Dr. Robert Associate Professor 740-699-2323
Galbreath, Dr. Warren Associate Professor of Social Work 740-699-2341
Greenlee, Dr. Richard Dean Emeritus 740-699-2530
Harris, David Custodian 740-699-2484
Henderson, Nina Accessibility Coordinator 740-699-2515
Hodgson, Jason Custodian 740-699-2484
Hudak, Dr. Joseph Assistant Professor 740-699-2346
Jeffries, Lisa Recruitment Coordinator 740-699-2504
June, Dr. Pamela Assistant Professor of English 740-699-2529
Kellner-Muscar, Jennifer Academic Advisor 740-699-2347
LaPointe, Audrey Instructor  
Lenczewski, Dr. Mary Assistant Professor of Chemistry 740-699-2514
Leonard, Heather Instructor  
Lim, Peter Computer & Technology Specialist 740-699-2355
Luckhardt, Steve Golf coach    
McCormack, Eileen Instructor 740-699-2483
McGuffin, Steven Director of Physical Plant 740-699-2484
McMurray-Schwarz, Dr. Paula Associate Professor 740-699-2486
McTeague, Michael Assistant Professor Emeritus of History 740-699-2526
Mallow, Dave Instructor  
Mahan-Hays, Dr. Sarah Associate Professor 740-699-2358
Morris, Jay Director of Media 740-699-2489
Murzyn, Lucien Instructor 740-699-2491
Newton, Dr. James Dean and Professor Emeritus  
Nickerson, Diann Manager of Enrollment Services 740-699-2517
Perzanowski, Adam Women's Basketball Coach 740-699-2360
Poch, Lori Records Management Associate 740-699-2354
Poffenberger, Don Instructor  
Porch, Chuck Instructor  
Prather, Dr. John Associate Professor Mathematics & Faculty Chair 740-699-2498
Pritchard, Tracy Social Work Instructor & Child Welfare University Partnership Program Campus Coordinator 740-699-2499
Proctor, Dr. Janice Associate Professor 740-699-2321
Reynolds, Diane Instructor  
Saffell, Pamela Executive Assistant to the Dean 740-699-2494
Sage, Whitney Lecturer of Art 740-699-2342
Sayre, Nathan Maintenance Repair Worker 740-699-2484
Schodzinski, E. J. Director of External Relations 740-699-2503
Schor, Michael Lecturer 740-699-2488
Shepherd, Dr. Lucas Lecturer of Physics 740-699-2350
Smith, Charles Instructor 740-699-2485
Spiker, Dr. Kevin Associate Professor of Political Science 740-699-2496
Stevens, Dr. Christopher Associate Professor 740-699-2492
Vavra, Tony Instructor  
Voorhies, Cindy Small Business Development 740-588-1331
Waters, Dr. Mark Associate Professor 740-699-2511
Westerman, Jean Writing Center Coordinator 740-699-2513
Whitlinger, Steven Lecturer of Biological Sciences 740-699-2359
Wrench, Jason Instructor  
Yahn, Dr. Jacqueline Middle Childhood Education Coordinator/Lecturer 740-699-2324
Zachariah, Dr. Kuruvilla Associate Professor Emeritus of Chemistry  
Zebbs, Gina Administrative Assistant to Division Coordinator & Faculty 740-695-1725