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Bobcat Depot

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Name Title E-mail Office Phone
Abraham, Dr. Paul Dean and Associate Professor of Mathematics 740-699-2494
Baker, Lisa Instructor  
Barbina, Jordan Bobcat Essentials/Greenlight Cafe Manager & Men's Basketball Coach 740-699-2510
Capezzuto, Donna Head Librarian 740-699-2344
Casebolt, Dr. James Associate Professor 740-699-2330
Castle, Dr. David Assistant Professor 740-699-2331
Cecil, Brad Senior Library Associate 740-699-2332
Chini, Kathie Professional Internship Supervisor 740-699-2500
Ciroli, Kim Lecturer in Early Childhood 740-699-2325
Conti, Tom Instructor  
Cooper-Lohr, Willie Instructor  
Diao, Dr. Zijian Associate Professor 740-699-2351
Doepken, Thomas 740-699-2337
Duffy, Trent IT Support Specialist 740-699-2338
Eberly, Keith Instructor  
Edgar, Nancy Administrative Services Associate 740-699-2352
Evick, John Instructor  
Fahey, Dr. Judith Instructor  
Flynn, Dr. Thomas Associate Professor Emeritus of English 740-699-2339
Fogle, Stephanie Instructor  
Fox, Dennis Instructor 740-699-2340
Fox, Jenn Instructor  
Frizzi, Dan Instructor  
Galbreath, Dr. Robert Associate Professor 740-699-2323
Galbreath, Dr. Warren Associate Professor of Social Work 740-699-2341
Greenlee, Dr. Richard Dean Emeritus 740-699-2530
Harris, David Custodian 740-699-2484
Henderson, Nina Accessibility Coordinator 740-699-2515
Hodgson, Jason Custodian 740-699-2484
Hudak, Dr. Joseph Assistant Professor 740-699-2346
Huggins, Leigh Mental Health & Counseling Services 740-699-2334
Jeffries, Lisa Recruitment Coordinator 740-699-2504
June, Dr. Pamela Assistant Professor of English 740-699-2529
Kaiser, Dr. Michael Instructor 740-699-2349
Kellner-Muscar, Jennifer Academic Advisor 740-699-2536
LaPointe, Audrey Instructor  
Lenczewski, Dr. Mary Assistant Professor of Chemistry 740-699-2514
Leonard, Heather Instructor  
Lim, Peter Computer & Technology Specialist 740-699-2355
Luckhardt, Steve Golf coach    
McCormack, Eileen Instructor 740-699-2483
McGuffin, Steven Director of Physical Plant 740-699-2484
McMurray-Schwarz, Dr. Paula Associate Professor 740-699-2486
McTeague, Michael Assistant Professor Emeritus of History 740-699-2526
Mallow, Dave Instructor  
Mahan-Hays, Dr. Sarah Associate Professor 740-699-2358
Morris, Jay Director of Media 740-699-2489
Murzyn, Lucien Instructor 740-699-2491
Newton, Dr. James Dean and Professor Emeritus  
Nickerson, Diann Manager of Enrollment Services 740-699-2517
Noble, Dr. David Assistant Professor 740-699-2495
Perzanowski, Adam Women's Basketball Coach 740-699-2360
Piccolini, Lindsay Women's Volleyball Coach 740-699-2360
Poch, Lori Records Management Associate 740-699-2354
Poffenberger, Don Instructor  
Porch, Chuck Instructor  
Prather, Dr. John Associate Professor Mathematics & Faculty Chair 740-699-2498
Pritchard, Tracy Social Work Instructor & Child Welfare University Partnership Program Campus Coordinator 740-699-2499
Proctor, Dr. Janice Associate Professor 740-699-2321
Reynolds, Diane Instructor  
Saffell, Pamela Executive Assistant to the Dean 740-699-2494
Sage, Whitney Lecturer of Art 740-699-2342
Sayre, Nathan Maintenance Repair Worker 740-699-2484
Schodzinski, E. J. Director of Marketing, Athletics, & Physical Education Center 740-699-2503
Schor, Michael Lecturer 740-699-2488
Shepherd, Dr. Lucas Lecturer of Physics 740-699-2350
Smith, Charles Instructor 740-699-2485
Spiker, Dr. Kevin Associate Professor of Political Science 740-699-2496
Stevens, Dr. Christopher Associate Professor 740-699-2492
Tarr, Dr. J Lance Lecturer 740-699-2345
Vavra, Tony Instructor  
Voorhies, Cindy Small Business Development 740-588-1331
Waters, Dr. Mark Associate Professor 740-699-2511
Westerman, Jean Writing Center Coordinator 740-699-2513
Whitlinger, Steven Lecturer of Biological Sciences 740-699-2359
Wrench, Jason Instructor  
Yahn, Jacqueline Middle Childhood Education Coordinator/Lecturer 740-699-2324
Zachariah, Dr. Kuruvilla Associate Professor Emeritus of Chemistry  
Zebbs, Gina Administrative Assistant to Division Coordinator & Faculty 740-695-1725