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Eastern Coronavirus Information

For your health and safety beginning August 20, 2020, the buildings of Ohio University Eastern Campus are restricted to faculty, staff, and students taking in-person classes (labs), and students needing WiFi access (see information below for WiFi access).

For laptop computer loan information please request at https://www.ohio.edu/coronavirus/technology-resources.

Ohio University Eastern Campus Information

Ohio University Information

Campus/Building Hours of Operation

  • The building on Ohio University Eastern campus is open 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. Student access is through the front door. While in the building, social distancing must be adhered to, plus anyone in the building must be wearing a mask. Anyone coming in the building without a mask will be asked to put on a mask (there will be some available) or leave. Anyone exhibiting symptoms of the virus will be asked to leave and follow appropriate protocol to address one’s health.

WiFi Information

  • There is very limited access to the WiFi in the parking lots. Students are permitted to park in the faculty lot when the building is closed to access the WiFi. The parking spots closest to Shannon Hall work the best.
  • Additional WiFi information
  • Eastern Campus outdoor wifi map

Testing Center

  • Limited testing will be conducted on Eastern Campus.

  • At this time, individual placement and program entrance testing is postponed. Testing services are not available for groups of students or for exams for entire class sections.

    Please contact cecil@ohio.edu for more information.

Making Payments

  • The Eastern campus is not accepting in-person tuition/fee payments until further notice. Inquiries can be made via email (bursar@ohio.edu) or by phone (740.593.4130).

  • To Pay Tuition and Fees Online – Students are encouraged to use the eCheck process.

    • Students: To make an online payment on your student account, login to My OHIO Student Center. Under the Finances section select “Make a Payment.” This will direct you to our online payment processor. Please be sure to turn off any pop up blockers for your browser.

    • Authorized Users: To make an online payment, login to your Authorized User account. Please be sure to turn off any pop up blockers for your browser.

  • The Office of the Bursar accepts the following types of payment:

    • eCheck (available online only): No service fee is charged for this option. You will need to provide your bank’s routing number and your checking or savings account number. If you have questions regarding the correct numbers to use, please contact your financial institution. Do NOT use the numbers on your debit card. Dishonored ACH payments are charged a $25.00 service fee.

    • Credit Card (available online): A service fee of 2.9% is added to the total payment. This is a fee charged by our payment processor; Ohio University does not receive this additional fee. MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express are accepted.

    • Personal Check, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order (available by mail or in person): Payments should be made to the order of Ohio University. Dishonored checks are charged a $25.00 service fee. Please include your OHIO PID number in the memo line of the payment. Checks may be mailed to: Office of the Bursar, P.O. Box 960, Athens, OH 45701

  • Eastern Campus Student Services hours: Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm

Counseling Services

  • During this trying time, OHIO Eastern wants to do what it can to provide as much student support as possible, while maintaining appropriate social distancing measures.

    Ms. Sarah Day, licensed independent social worker, is available to assist students remotely for counseling services. In-person appointments will not be available at this time. To schedule an appointment, please email Ms. Day at sd418216@ohio.edu.

  • Assistance outside of these hours can be provided at Tri-County Help Center (740-695-5441 or 1-800-695-1639). Counseling is confidential and totally free. Students do not need insurance to take advantage of counseling services.

Student Accessibility Services

  • Ohio University Eastern Campus is committed to providing our students with the necessary support to succeed.  The mission of Student Accessibility Services is operating remotely to ensure equal opportunity and access for members of the Ohio University community.  Central to this mission is the development of an academic environment that is accessible to all people without the need for adaptation.  While working toward the goal of full inclusion, accommodations must still be provided on an individual basis.

    Nina Henderson is the Accessibility Coordinator for the Ohio University Eastern Campus.   If you are in need of academic accommodation, please contact Accessibility Coordinator Nina Henderson via email at hendersn@ohio.edu immediately.  We also encourage you to visit the Student Accessibility website at https://www.ohio.edu/uc/sas for more information.

Emergency Microgrants Available to Students

  • If you are experiencing financial difficulty due to COVID-19, visit https://cm.maxient.com/reportingform.php?OhioUniv&layout_id=45 and apply for a Student Emergency Microgrant.  Available to all OHIO students, these funds are designated to help alleviate the following short-term financial needs:
    • Technology and connectivity needs related to distance learning
    • Books and other instructional expenses
    • Tuition and instructional fees (for students with balances of $1,000 or less)
    • Housing/Rent/Utilities
    • Food/Groceries
    • Personal Automobile/Travel
    • Medical/Dental bills (cannot cover outstanding balances)
    • Childcare
    • Other emergency or unforeseen circumstances
  • Click here for more information:  COVID-19 Ohio University Student Support Fund

Enrollment Verification (Unemployment Benefits, Student Loans, etc.)

  • Students often need official verification of their enrollment status sent to various agencies and organizations, including:
    • Insurance companies
    • Automobile dealers
    • Prospective employers
    • Credit card companies
    • Pension fund companies
    • U.S. Veterans Affairs (VA)
    • Financial aid lenders and loan guarantors, via the National Student Clearinghouse
  • There are three options to obtain proof of your enrollment at Ohio University:
    • Your schedule is available immediately upon registration and can be viewed online at MyOHIO Student Center.
    • An Ohio University, University Registrar signed, enrollment verification letter is available online nearly 24 hours/day, 7 days a week at no additional charge.
    • The National Student Clearinghouse offers enrollment verification letters online 24 hours/day, 7 days/week for a nominal charge.
  • If none of the options above meet your needs, or if you have additional questions or concerns, contact Registrar Services, registration@ohio.edu, or Jennifer Kellner-Muscar, Eastern Campus Manager of Advising and Retention, kellner@ohio.edu.