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Post-Secondary Enrollment Option Program


The Post Secondary Enrollment Options program is going through some significant changes for the 2015-2016 school year. The new program will be called College Credit Plus and will have different admissions criteria and deadlines.



The State of Ohio, under Senate Bill 140 and House Bill 215, enables high schools and institutions of higher learning to cooperate in offering high school students the opportunity to enroll in college level coursework prior to graduation from high school. The purpose of the program is to provide supplemental educational opportunities to intellectually and socially mature students.

Additional questions regarding this program should be directed to Diann Nickerson in the Office of Student Services at Ohio University Eastern Campus at 740-699-2517. Contact Student Services for information and the application form.

Application Procedures

Submit the completed PSEOP Application no later than May 1 of the academic year in which you wish to participate.

  1. Enclose the $20 nonrefundable application-processing fee with the application.
  2. Have your high school transcript sent directly from your school.
  3. Have official transcripts of coursework completed at any other college sent to Ohio University Eastern Campus.
  4. Submit verification of completion of the Ohio Graduation Test.
  5. Take the Skill Assessment tests on the Eastern Campus and receive freshmen level scoring or submit your ACT results.

If you are eligible to participate in the program, we will notify you by mail. You may then call the Office of Student Services at 740-699-2536 to schedule the placement test.

Placement Testing

The placement test deadline is typically mid-May. The test takes approximately three hours to complete. Special care should be exercised when taking the COMPASS computer test. Students who rush through the test generally do not earn scores high enough to qualify for the program. THERE WILL BE NO RETESTING! Students who meet initial eligibility requirements will be notified of placement times and location. Students will be informed of their acceptance or non-acceptance into the program immediately following the testing.

HSO Orientation

Orientation will be held August 2014. Remember that orientation is mandatory! If you are admitted and plan to enroll for the fall or spring semester of the upcoming academic year, you must attend the orientation session in order to register for courses.


Students may enroll under one of the following options:

  • Option A: You receive college credit but no high school credit for the course(s) in which you enroll, unless your high school makes special provisions for you. Under this option, you pay for textbooks, tuition, and other fees, and may enroll for the fall, spring, or summer semester.
  • Option B: You receive college credit for the course(s) in which you enroll as well as credit toward fulfilling high school graduation requirements. Under this option, the Ohio Department of Education will pay for your tuition and textbook charges, but enrollment is restricted to the fall and spring semesters only. You may register for courses in the summer only if you pay for tuition, textbooks, and other cfees. Summer courses may not apply toward your high school graduation requirements.


Carefully develop your plan, including selecting the option and courses you hope to take, with your high school officials before registering.


Ohio University has established the following criteria for admission to this program:

  1. If your school ranks, you must rank in the top 25% (Option B) or the top 40% (Option A) of your school class based on your overall record. If your school does not rank students, you must have an accumulative grade point average of a 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale (Option B) or a 3.2 (Option A). If you have shown marked improvement during the most recently completed two semesters or if you are a student with special abilities, you may be admitted upon recommendation from the appropriate high school official and with the approval of the Director of Admissions or Student Services on your campus and the University college dean (Athens) or regional campus dean.
  2. You must be pursuing a college preparatory curriculum (or another curriculum suitable for college) which consists of four years of English, three years of math, three years of social sciences, three years of natural sciences, two years of foreign language and one year of visual or performing arts. At least ten (10) such units must be completed prior to enrolling in the program. For example, you must be an incoming junior or senior in high school.
  3. You must have passed all sections of the ninth grade proficiency test, or starting with the graduating class of 2007, must demonstrate at least a tenth-grade achievement level in all test areas.
  4. You must commute from your parents' or guardians' home.
  5. You must reside in Belmont, Guernsey, Harrison, Jefferson, Monroe, Noble, or Tuscarawas County.
  6. You must attend a mandatory orientation/counseling program at your high school prior to applying.


If you meet all of the above criteria (a-e), you will be invited to campus to test. In order to qualify for admission, you must achieve the following results on the COMPASS Placement test:

  • English Composition — Place in English 1510 or higher
  • Quantitative Skills — Place into Math 1200 (college level algebra) or higher.
  • Reading — Earn a score of 80 or more.


Or you must receive ACT scores of:

  • English — 21 or higher
  • Reading — 21 or highter
  • Math — 20 or higher

Financial Obligations

Option A – If you are admitted under Option A, you must pay your fees (tuition and other fees) according to regular Ohio University procedures. You will also provide your own textbooks and supplies.

Option B – You will not have to pay for tuition and required textbooks. However, if you register for any courses requiring special fees or supplies, such as certain art, chemistry, and physical education courses, you must pay the fees associated with those courses and furnish your own supplies.

You should also note the Ohio State Department of Education's rule 3301-44-08C, which reads in part: "Failure to complete the course, whether through a formal 'class drop' process or nonattendance other than for reasons generally accepted…may result in any or all financial obligations for that course defaulting to the student or his or her parent…"

Extracurricular Activities and Services

University support services necessary for students to complete coursework successfully in the university are available to you. You are expected to know and follow all rules outlined in the Ohio University Student code of conduct and the Ohio University Undergraduate Catalog. Under either option, you are still considered to be a high school student and may not become a member of university-sponsored clubs, social organizations, or athletic teams.

Grade Point Average

You must maintain at least a 2.00 (C) accumulative grade point average to remain in good academic standing with the university. You will be dropped from Option B if your accumulative grade point average is below a 2.00. If you are dropped from Option B, you may be permitted to take courses at the university under Option A, which will make you responsible for fees.

You will be subject to the same grading standards and academic disciplinary actions as all other Ohio University students. Grades will be recorded on a permanent Ohio University academic record. Your high school may calculate your Ohio University grades with your high school grade point average. You should be aware that courses are at the collegiate level and such coursework is more demanding than normal high school coursework in pace and content.

Course Selection and Availability

Admission to the PSEOP does not guarantee admission to specific courses. In accordance with Section 3365.06 of the Ohio Revised Code, Ohio University must take care to give registration priority to its degree-seeking students while attempting to provide you with reasonable choices in this program. Once you have officially registered for a course, however, you will not be displaced. Courses requiring overnight travel or accommodations are not available to PSEOP participants.

Accessibility Services

If you have a disability, Ohio University will work with your high school to accommodate your special needs. The cost of any special accommodation(s) or aides will be the responsibility of your school district.

Degree-Seeking Student Status

Admission to the PSEOP does not guarantee your subsequent admission to Ohio University as a degree-seeking student. Under the PSEOP, you are admitted as a non-degree student. If you wish to attend Ohio University beyond high school graduation and/or earn an Ohio University degree, you must complete the freshman application, pay any required application processing fees, submit required credentials, and meet deadline dates.

College Level Credit

You will receive full credit toward Ohio University graduation for all courses taken while enrolled in the PSEOP. You cannot earn a degree, however, until you have been admitted as a degree-seeking student. Credit earned may be transferred to other post-secondary institutions at the discretion of those institutions.

Academic Calendar

Since Ohio University is on the semester system, the university academic calendar may not correspond directly with the calendar of your local school district. As a result, starting and ending dates may not be the same as those of your school district.


The responsibility of monitoring your attendance will rest primarily with your school district. The university does not assume the school district's responsibility under the Ohio Revised Code 3313.205 or 3321.13. In general, you will be treated like all other university students with regard to attendance. You must realize that university students are treated as adults with regard to such responsibilities and you will also be assumed to be capable of handling such responsibility.

Questions regarding this program should be directed to the Student Services Office at Ohio University Eastern Campus at 740-699-2536.