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Teacher Approval

Teacher Approval Process

High school instructors who wish to teach an Ohio University course must meet the same requirements for faculty employed by the University, as stipulated for accreditation by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education, and the Ohio Board of Regents. 

In order to instruct college-level courses and in keeping with state requirements, it is expected that at a minimum secondary school teachers will hold a master's or doctorate degree in the content area of the course in which they are teaching or a master's degree and at least 18 credit hours completed at the graduate level in the content area in which they are teaching. Some Ohio University departments may require credentials above and beyond the state minimums. 

Minimum Criteria for Teacher Approvals

The following document lists the minimum credentials required of secondary school teachers in order to be evaluated by Ohio University as a dual enrollment instructor. Meeting minimum credentials does not guarantee approval. Secondary teachers interested in instructing an Ohio University course must follow the teacher approval process by submitting the Dual Enrollment Teacher Application and supporting documentation as outlined below.  Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all academic departments.

Minimum Criteria for Teacher Approvals.pdf

Application Instructions

High school teachers must follow the steps below in order to be considered as a dual enrollment instructor for Ohio University. Please note that if you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download the free version to view the PDF documents referenced below.

  1. Carefully read all Dual Enrollment Teacher Application Instructions (.pdf) .
  2. Download and complete the Dual Enrollment Teacher Application (.pdf). 
  3. Attach a cover letter or personal statement. The letter should address the applicants professional experiences as they relate to their ability to instruct a college level course. 
  4. Provide a current resume / CV
  5. Make available undergraduate- and graduate-level college transcripts from all previously attended institutions.  For the purpose of teacher credentialing, Ohio University will require from teacher applicants undergraduate- and graduate-level transcripts from all previously attended intuitions. Copies of transcripts and transcripts forwarded from the teacher’s secondary school are acceptable. Official transcripts may be required from teachers who also wish to be hired by Ohio University as adjunct faculty members. 
  6. Provide at least one professional letter of recommendation.  The recommendation can be from either a current curriculum chair or principal.
  7. Submit all application materials to the appropriate Ohio University campus.  The application and all required materials must be received by March 1  prior to the academic year in which you wish to instruct the course. Please address application materials to the "Associate Dean" or "Director of Dual Enrollment Programs" on the campus that most closely serves your secondary school's geographic area. Campus addresses can be found on the application form or on the CC+ Contacts page.

For general question regarding the teacher approval application process please contact Robert Callahan, Director of Dual Enrollment Programs, at 740.593.2576 or callahar@ohio.edu.