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Who Are We?

Office for Diversity and Inclusion

Amanda Graham Profile Picture
Amanda Graham
Executive Assistant

When Amanda isn't working tirelessly to make the world a better place, she's a devoted, fun-loving mother to four crazy kids, a wife to a tow boater and a lover of anything vintage and refurbished! She was born and raised in the country-25 minutes south of Athens, can parallel park their full sized pickup truck like a boss, and has one the most kind and lovable, 90lb Blue Nosed Pit Bulls you'll ever meet. Amanda is a first-generation college student currently working one step at a time to finish with her Master's degree in Middle-Childhood Education to one day become a middle school social studies teacher in Southeastern Ohio, she hates scary movies and can still fit in the same socks she wore in high school!

Tyrone Carr Profile Picture
Tyrone Carr
Director of Interlink Alliance / Special Assistant to the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion

Ty Carr just started his 25th year at OHIO even though he had only planned to spend two years in Athens. He is now considered a "Townie" and has two boys born and raised in Southeastern Ohio. He loves all sports, is a big fan of Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Cavaliers & Atlanta Braves and loves reading comics. When Ty grows up he wants to be a Sports Analyst for ESPN.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Center

Delfin Bautista Profile Picture
Delfin Bautista

Delfin's enthusiasm for stretching comfort zones led him to don the Rufus Costume for Columbus Pride 2016, Rufus' first appearance in the parade and at a LGBT-specific event (the costume is still moist with Delfin's sweat!). Delfin is an equal opportunity eater who does not discriminate gastrointestinal delights and enjoys the art of eating in large quantities. Delfin's new mission...to reclaim "Netflix and chill" to truly mean to watch Netflix and chill, especially with his dearly beloved Jason!

Multicultural Programs and Multicultural Center

Winsome Chunnu-Brayda Profile Picture
Dr. Winsome Chunnu-Brayda

Widely known as the Jamaican bombshell, cannot swim, cannot ride a bike, and breaks out when she stays in the sun even for short periods. She adores her dog Reka and is aunty to 3 dogs and 2 cats! Winsome could talk your ear off and she has a story for EVERYTHING!!!

Office of Multicultural Student Access and Retention (OMSAR)

Marlene De La Cruz-Guzmán Profile Picture
Dr. Marlene De La Cruz-Guzmán

Marlene loves to make a point! Actually, it's a million of them! She loves pointilism and the lovely art that she can create one point or dot at a time. Secretly, she also enjoys reading Ian McEwan's novels and sneaking in the latest adolescent literature with her three daughters. She is an avid birder and loves to explore the outdoors with family and friends.

Alison Moore Profile Picture
Alison Moore
Assistant Director, Peer Mentor Programs
Lisa Flowers-Clements Profile Picture
Lisa Flowers-Clements
Assistant Director, Academic Support and Advising
Tamika Williams Profile Picture
Tamika Williams
Assistant Director, Career and Leadership Development Center for Diversity and Inclusion
Vanessa Morgan-Nai Profile Picture
Vanessa Morgan-Nai
Coordinator for Multicultural Advising and African American Student Success
Pat Bungard Profile Picture
Pat Bungard
Administrative Services Associate

Pat is married, has a son and three grand-puppies. When she's not in the kitchen experimenting with a new recipe, you can find her curled on the sofa with a blanket, and an action packed book.

Women's Center

Geneva Murray Profile Picture
Dr. Geneva Murray

Geneva has an addiction to sunflower seed shells, Dr. Pepper, and spending time with her dog, Roger (full name: Roger Rupert Walter Frasier Yoda Puppies, but you can call him Roger for short). Geneva will take any excuse to dress up in fun costumes of wonderful women, real or fictionalized, throughout history.

Pronouns: She/Her