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Summer Institute for Diversity Education

Diversity & Inclusion
The Office for Diversity & Inclusion 
Inspiring and Transforming Community

A Message from the Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion

Dr Shari Clarke Vice Provost On behalf of the Office for Diversity and Inclusion, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Ohio University. The richness of the University community reflects diversity of culture, race, gender, region, age, religion, ideas, socioeconomic levels, sexual orientation, ability and a myriad of multi-cultures. You will find Ohio University is a microcosm of a global society.

The Office for D&I serves as a leader and advocate for awareness, understanding and inclusion of all people. I urge you to step outside of your comfort zone and get to know someone different from yourself. Enhance your knowledge through program participation, attendance at a cultural celebration or by taking a course that explores Women's Studies, or African American Literature. Ohio University offers you the opportunity to experience the richness of diverse cultures, communities, and societies
through a culturally educated view of the world.

- Dr. Shari Clarke, Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion


A Joint Letter from the Executive Director of University Equity and Civil Rights Compliance and the Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion

OHIO University is committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for every member of the Bobcat community. When joining the University community, Bobcats commit to OHIO’s values, the 5 C’s – community, character, civility, citizenship, and commitment.

Diversity in all of its forms enriches the distinct educational experience of OHIO Students. It equips OHIO students with the experiences and skills necessary to successfully achieve in today’s increasingly diverse and complex society. The Bobcat community is a microcosm of the larger world. Empathy, compassion, and
the ability to interact positively with people of all backgrounds and experiences are skills that will be required of our students to succeed in today’s world.

We thank our LGBTQAI+ Bobcats for sharing their experiences with their fellow Bobcats. We stand with you. We support you.

To report discrimination in any form, contact ECRC, Lindley 006, 740‐593‐9140, equity@ohio.edu.

- Sara L. Trower, Executive Director, University Equity and Civil Rights Compliance
Dr. Shari Clarke, Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion

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Highlights and Happenings

Updates on Immigration Executive Orders and OHIO Actions

Visit Global Affairs and International Studies for Executive Orders and OHIO Actions. This website serves as a resource for the Ohio University community. Read More  

Please Be Our Valentine

D&I would like to wish everyone a very happy Valentine's Day! We hope your day was full of love and tasty treats! Read More  

Stand For Her Right To Cover! #worldhijabday

World Hijab Day (WHD) is an annual event in its fifth year. On February 1st of every year, WHD asks global citizens of all faiths to observe Hijab (head-covering) for a day in solidarity with Muslim women worldwide. The overall mission of WHD is to create a more peaceful world where global citizens respect each other. Particularly, WHD focuses on fighting bigotry, discrimination, and prejudice against Muslim women. This is most crucial in these times where Hijab is being banned in some countries while in other countries, Muslim women are being targeted and harassed verbally and physically. Click to read more! Read More  

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