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Summer Institute for Diversity Education

Multicultural Faculty Luncheon

Multicultural Faculty & Staff Welcome Luncheon

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion sponsors the Multicultural Faculty and Staff Welcome Luncheon that takes place annually in September.  Newcomers meet faculty and staff from all over our Ohio University Community, and have the opportunity to learn about the programs and initiatives sponsored by D&I, to provide support for new faculty and to promote inclusion.  Some of our most successful programs include the Multicultural Leadership Ambassadors, an award-winning group of select students who strive to eliminate stereotypes and create climates of inclusion by sharing their personal narratives in interactive presentations; She Leads Ohio, a women’s leadership and empowerment initiative through the Women’s Center. The Multicultural Junior Faculty Mentoring Program (MCJFMP), which offers new and early-career multicultural faculty the opportunity to partner with multiple mentors within and outside of the University, for career advice, support, and advocacy.  The MCJFMP is launched at the Welcome Luncheon and runs continually until the following academic year.

In September 2016, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion awarded five awards for demonstrated commitment, mentoring, service, and outstanding contribution in promoting diversity and inclusion at Ohio University.

multicultural luncheon