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Summer Institute for Diversity Education

About the Diversity Campaign

Diversity is You

About the Diversity Campaign

The office of Diversity and Inclusion has launched a Diversity Splash campaign on campus designed to educate, inform, and reaffirm the importance of recognizing and celebrating cultures and differences.  The Campaign will serve to educate Ohio University on the pivotal role that diversity plays in society. It presents an opportunity to build upon the successes of diversity initiatives across campus with a renewed commitment to enhancing diversity goals in creating a campus that welcomes and respects all people. It is also a time to recognize that the important work of diversity in understanding issues of race, ethnicity, and culture is far from over.

This moment in history is fraught with challenges in achieving equity, fairness, justice, and inclusion of all people. OHIO in its role as an academic institution values diversity and provides leadership in educating students to live in and contribute to a diverse and global society.