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About the Office for Diversity and Inclusion

Defining Diversity

Diversity is a dynamic phenomenon, which means that any definition of diversity will miss some of its evolving features. With that caveat in mind...

Diversity signifies difference and heterogeneity between and among individuals, groups, and cultures. Specifically, diversity is inclusive of all ages, races, ethnic groups, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, national origins, cultures, socioeconomic classes, abilities, ways of thinking, geographic regions, and religions.

Ohio University is committed to promoting an atmosphere where understanding and acceptance of cultural and racial differences are ensured.



The Ohio University Office for Diversity and Inclusion will seamlessly and effectively integrate diversity initiatives into every facet of university life. 



To facilitate an infusion of diversity throughout institutional policies, practices, curricula and programs, leading to a supportive and affirming environment and positive experience for all students, faculty and staff.


Cornerstone Principles

The cornerstone principles provide strategic guidance in the University's quest to promote and value diversity. Our four cornerstones are: Respect, Inclusion, Community and Excellence.


is fundamental in promoting civility and is an imperative factor in appreciating difference.



benefits individuals and society at large, and is reflected throughout Ohio University's long history and commitment to diversity.



is a constantly evolving concept. Fostering community is increasingly important as dynamic interactions between cultures, societies, and nations occurs more commonly and ideas overlap and intersect.



is essential in all University pursuits and necessary to demonstrate the principle that promoting inclusion increases quality.



These principles guide institutional diversity initiatives that promote mutual understanding, cognitive and character development, global engagement, social justice, and preparation for our evolving society; and support Ohio University's values of Character, Civility, Citizenship, Commitment, and Community.