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Furthering our inclusive campus efforts, the four centers within our Division: The LGBT Center, Multicultural Center, OMSAR, and the Women’s Center, continuously envision and work to institutionalize multi-faceted strategies that welcome and uplift all members of the campus community. We focus specifically on groups and individuals who have historically been excluded, underrepresented or marginalized within higher education settings.

Our university-wide efforts promote inclusive institutional policies, practices, and cultures through intersectional programs and initiatives, as well as strategic communications and advocacy. Our Division serves and celebrates all people by helping them explore productive ways to navigate intersections of diverse identities, experiences, and perspectives.

A two-part lecture series with geneticists from 23andme

Featured Event: Expert Lecture

Join us as lead researchers from 23andMe discuss a landmark study into the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The rare combination of genetics and historical records provides a comprehensive look at the forced migration and its ramifications over time throughout the Americas. The genetic data from over 50,000 research participants largely confirmed expectations derived from documentation of slave voyages with a few discordances. Dr. Mountain and Dr. Micheletti will discuss these discordances and more as they delve deeper into the research that is 10 years in the making.

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Commit to Care + Act

Commit to Care + Act is a central location for campus programming designed to provide education, resources, and support for faculty, staff, and students related to racial equity and social justice.


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Racial Equity & Justice Events

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Support to Our Faculty, Staff, and Students


    Keep Including

    Keep Including reminds us that the student experience is central to our diverse community. Today, more than ever, OHIO's faculty are here to support students, to keep them on track for graduation, and to increase their positive connection to our campuses, virtual and face-to-face.


    Diverse Junior Faculty Mentoring Program

    A program designed to provide tenure-track underrepresented faculty with the support, resources, advice, and council to move successfully toward achieving tenure track status.

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Division of Diversity and Inclusion