Student Accessibility Services

Welcome to Student Accessibility Services (SAS). It is the mission of SAS to ensure equal opportunity and access for members of the Ohio University Community. Central to this mission is the development of an academic environment that is accessible to all people without the need for adaptation. While working toward the goal of full inclusion, accommodations must still be provided on an individual basis. 

This guide provides information about policies, procedures, and resources relevant to students registered with SAS and has been developed to assist you in accessing your academic accommodations and services. We encourage you to meet with your Accessibility Coordinator on a regular basis to discuss your educational goals and accessibility issues. 

Countless students with disabilities from every college and academic program have graduated from Ohio University. Your engagement in your academic activities and the accommodation process will be a key factor to your success. Communicating openly and regularly with your Accessibility Coordinator is the best way to assure your equal access and assists SAS in supporting your success.


 Gateway to Success

The Gateway to Success program aims to help southeastern Ohio area high school students with disabilities who may be considering, or could benefit from, college or additional training after their high school graduation.

Students who participate in the Gateway to Success program will learn:

  • Career interests and how additional education or training might be part of their career goals
  • About the experiences of current college students with disabilities
  • Study skills needed to be successful in college
  • Different options for continuing education, and how to apply to
    Adult training programs, 2-year technical degrees, or 4-year bachelor’s degrees
  • Financial assistance options, what is available, and how to apply
  • How technology (including assistive technology) is used
  • How to request and receive accommodations in college

Two Gateway to Success Programs will be hosted this year:

Ohio University (Lancaster Campus) - March 20-21, 2015

            Lancaster Application due by February 12

Ohio University (Athens Campus – includes in the residence halls) - May 15-16, 2015

             Athens Application due by April 2

Campus Accessibility Maps

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