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A Diabetes-Free Society

Member Profile

Frank  Schwartz, MD, FACE

Professor, Endocrinology

HCOM-Specialty Medicine

Academic Research Center 331


Member Type: Investigator 

Research Interest

 My research is focused on:

  • The role of pathologic expression and signaling of Toll-Like Receptors (TLR) in the pathogenesis of both type I and type II Diabetes, obesity and atherosclerosis.  We are developing a novel compound (methylmethimazole or C10) which suppresses the TLR signaling pathways and inflammatory cytokines which contribute to the pathogenesis of viral-induced Type I and obesity-induced Type II diabetes making it a potential therapeutic for these and other immune-inflammatory diseases.
  • The role of socioeconomic stress and lack of functional social networks on the prevalence of obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes-associated complications which contribute to the high prevalence of premature morbidity  and mortality for ASCVD, chronic kidney disease, blindness, and amputation seen in Appalachia, impact of depression on diabetes outcomes, as well as the barriers to adequate and preventative diabetes care in Appalachia
  • Development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and case-based reasoning software scan large volumes of patient glucose monitoring data, observe recurrent abnormal glucose patterns and then provide intelligent decision support for physicians caring for patients with type I diabetes on insulin pump therapy

Selected Publications

Noori, M. S., O’Brien, J. D., Champa, Z. J., Deosarkar, S. P., Lanier, O. L., Qi, C., Burdick, M. M., Schwartz, F. L. … Goetz, D. J. (2017). Phenylmethimazole and a thiazole derivative of phenylmethimazole inhibit IL-6 expression by triple negative breast cancer cells. European Journal of Pharmacology, 803, 130–137.

Guo, A., Kaminoh, Y., Forward, T., Schwartz, F. L., & Jenkinson, S. (2017). Fine Needle Aspiration of Thyroid Nodules Using the Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology: An Institutional Experience in a Rural Setting. International Journal of Endocrinology, 2017, 9601735.

Szulawski, R., Nakazawa, M., McCall, K. D., James, C. B. L., & Schwartz, F. L. (2016). Laser capture microdissection tailored to type 1 diabetes mellitus research. BioTechniques, 60(6), 293–298.

Gehlaut, R. R., Dogbey, G. Y., Schwartz, F. L., Marling, C. R., & Shubrook, J. H. (2015). Hypoglycemia in Type 2 Diabetes--More Common Than You Think: A Continuous Glucose Monitoring Study. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 9(5), 999–1005.

Alapati, A., Deosarkar, S. P., Lanier, O. L., Qi, C., Carlson, G. E., Burdick, M. M., Schwartz, F. L., … Goetz, D. J. (2015). Simple modifications to methimazole that enhance its inhibitory effect on tumor necrosis factor-α-induced vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 expression by human endothelial cells. European Journal of Pharmacology, 751, 59–66.

Guo, A., Daniels, N. A., Thuma, J., McCall, K. D., Malgor, R., & Schwartz, F. L. (2015). Diet is critical for prolonged glycemic control after short-term insulin treatment in high-fat diet-induced type 2 diabetic male mice. PloS One, 10(1), e0117556.

McCall, K. D., Thuma, J. R., Courreges, M. C., Benencia, F., James, C. B. L., Malgor, R., … Schwartz, F. L. (2015). Toll-like receptor 3 is critical for coxsackievirus B4-induced type 1 diabetes in female NOD mice. Endocrinology, 156(2), 453–461.

Morse, M. O., Schwartz, F. L., & Zynger, D. L. (2014). First report of adrenal cortical endothelial (vascular) cyst mimicking phaeochromocytoma (pseudophaeochromocytoma). Pathology, 46(4), 364–365.

Marling, C. R., Struble, N. W., Bunescu, R. C., Shubrook, J. H., & Schwartz, F. L. (2013). A consensus perceived glycemic variability metric. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 7(4), 871–879.

McCall, K. D., Schmerr, M. J., Thuma, J. R., James, C. B. L., Courreges, M. C., Benencia, F., … Schwartz, F. L. (2013). Phenylmethimazole suppresses dsRNA-induced cytotoxicity and inflammatory cytokines in murine pancreatic beta cells and blocks viral acceleration of type 1 diabetes in NOD mice. Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 18(4), 3841–3858.

Marling, C. R., Shubrook, J. H., Vernier, S. J., Wiley, M. T., & Schwartz, F. L. (2011). Characterizing blood glucose variability using new metrics with continuous glucose monitoring data. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 5(4), 871–878.

McCall, K. D., Holliday, D., Dickerson, E., Wallace, B., Schwartz, A. L., Schwartz, C., … Schwartz, F. L. (2010). Phenylmethimazole blocks palmitate-mediated induction of inflammatory cytokine pathways in 3T3L1 adipocytes and RAW 264.7 macrophages. The Journal of Endocrinology, 207(3), 343–353.

For more publications please link to PubMed.

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