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John J. Kopchick, PhD

KopchickHighlightJohn J. Kopchick, PhD
Goll-Ohio Eminent Scholar
Distinguished Professor of Molecular Biology

John Kopchick is a world-renowned molecular endocrinologist in the growth hormone area.  He has published over 300 manuscripts related to molecular aspects of GH's structure and action and its relationship to obesity, diabetes, and aging.  He has trained 25 Ph.D. students, several M.S. students and hundreds of undergraduates.   He has received many awards and has served and continues to serve on several editorial boards.

In 1987, Dr. Kopchick started as Director of the Growth, Diabetes and Obesity section at the nascent Edison Biotechnology Institute (EBI) of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. During his time at EBI, he discovered and characterized the molecular aspects of GH receptor antagonists. This discovery was further developed into the drug, Somavert (Pegvisomant for Injection)  used as a treatment for acromegaly; a growth disorder marked by excessive levels of hGH that results in enlargement of the hands and feet, facial disfiguration and multiple organ disorders. If left untreated, premature death can ensue. About 40,000 individuals are diagnosed with acromegaly worldwide.

Pfizer licensed the hGH receptor antagonist technology and currently markets the drug in  the USA, Europe, Japan and 12 other countries. In the years since Pfizer's commercial launch of SOMAVERT in 2003, Ohio University has received more than $75 million in royalty income. Another notable accomplishment of the Kopchick laboratory is the generation and characterization of the world's longest lived laboratory mouse, the growth hormone receptor knockout mouse.

With over 25 years of research experience on human and animal GH, Kopchick and colleagues continue to  focus their effort on the molecular actions of GH in relation to growth, obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes and aging.

For more information on Dr. Kopchick and his research, click HERE.

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