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A Diabetes-Free Society

Diabetes Certificate

The Diabetes Certificate Program is a 17 credit hour program that offers a unique, interdisciplinary opportunity for students to become more familiar with diabetes and its management. Highlights of the certificate include a series of three courses: an online course, “Diabetes: From Bench to Beside,” a seminar, “Trends in Diabetes” and an independent study in diabetes that will provide unique opportunities for service learning and clinical and/or research experience. Students will also have a choice of interdisciplinary electives representing Anthropology, Child and Family Studies, Social and Public Health, Psychology, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Communications and Nutrition. This program reaches beyond the classroom, providing students an opportunity to become more familiar with diabetes as it becomes more prevalent locally and nationally.

College of Health Sciences and Professions, School of Applied Health Sciences and Wellness-Diabetes Certificate
Diabetes Certificate in Ohio University Course Catalog
Student Testimonials

Core Coursework

Diabetes: From Bench to Bedside, NUTR 4320, 3 credits
A comprehensive online course offering an exploration of the underlying genetics and physiology of diabetes and clinically relevant issues surrounding diabetes from medical, self management and prevention perspectives.

Trends in Diabetes, NUTR 4960, 2 credits
Includes a clinical preceptorship as well as weekly seminar discussing the latest trends in diabetes clinical care, novel discoveries in diabetes research and experiences gained on preceptor sites.

Independent Study in Diabetes, NUTR 4932, 3-8 credits
A capstone course with emphasis on research, clinical, or service learning experience related to diabetes.

Elective Coursework

The elective course list is intentionally broad because diabetes engages many basic and applied disciplinary areas. All students will be encouraged to take electives that best match their career goals. With this, some students may have several elective courses within their respective major disciplines, yet they will also have the opportunity to take courses outside their discipline to further enrich their undergraduate experience. On the other hand, students in other majors that have less exposure to diabetes in coursework will have few elective courses within their discipline but will have significant flexibility to complete elective coursework that best matches their career coals and that provides sufficient introduction to diabetes.

Students must choose 6-9 credit hours of elective coursework to meet the 17 semester hour requirement, including at least one course outside of the NUTR program. For approved elective courses click here.

Independent Study

The Independent Study Program allows students to use "experiences" to count towards credit hours.  Information on Independent Study can be found here (PDF) or by contacting Jennifer Yoder at
Click here (PDF) for the Independent Study Contract/Proposal Form.