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A Diabetes-Free Society

Diabetes Free Clinic

The Diabetes Free Clinic is run by the OU-HCOM Community Health Programs and is generally held on the first Tuesday of every month. In April 2011, the Heritage Clinical Training and Assessment Center and Community Clinic was dedicated, made possible by a $2.3 million gift from the Osteopathic Heritage Foundations. The center features state-of-the-art medical technology to train tomorrow's physicians and a new home for OU-HCOM's free Community Clinics, one of which is the Diabetes Free Clinic.

Patients at the Diabetes Free Clinic are treated by physicians specializing in diabetes, diabetic nutritionists and diabetic nurse educators, all of whom volunteer their time for this service. All patients receive two follow-up visits annually with a diabetic educator and nutritionist.

Labs and vitals are performed and a plan for the patient's future and continued diabetes healthcare is implemented.

No patients are ever turned away from the Community Clinic or denied services due to their financial status.

Below are some commonly asked questions about our clinic:

1. How do I qualify for the Free Clinic?

If you are uninsured, meet the 200% poverty level requirements, and live in Athens, Meigs, Hocking, Morgan, Washington or Perry counties, you qualify.  For the federal poverty level guidelines click here.

2. How do I make an appointment or contact the clinic?

Call 1-800-844-2654 or 740-593-2432

3. Will this cost anything?

There is no cost to the patient.

4. How will I afford prescriptions?

We use from the $4.00 pharmaceutical lists whenever possible.  If not, you can provide your income to us, and we will apply to pharmaceutical companies who will approve you to receive your RX free for one year at a time.

5. What doctors will I see?

Drs. Shubrook, Schwartz, Guo and their fellows. Fellows are fully credentialed doctors who are getting additional training in diabetes. You may also see a family nurse practitioner.

6. Where and when are the clinics held?

The Free Clinic is housed in the ground floor of Grosvenor West in Athens, Ohio. Map to Grosvenor West

Clinics are held once a month in the evening and need appointments scheduled.

7. Who runs the Free Clinic?

Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Community Health Programs.

8. What will happen at my first appointment?

You will complete paperwork and a nurse will take blood, blood pressure, pulse, respiration, height and weight. The nurse will go over your current medications, and then you will see a physician. If needed, you will see nurse educator or nutritionist. When you check out, a nurse will go over your need for patient assistance for your medications. A follow up plan and appointments will be determined at your visit.

9. How are lab, radiology and other hospital charges paid for?

All patients needing these services must qualify for Hospital Care Assurance Uncompensated Care Application (HCAP). If you are uninsured and meet the 200% poverty level requirements you will likely be covered by HCAP. Most area hospitals, where lab, radiology and other services take place, have this program.


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