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University Professor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What degree requirements can University Professor (UP) courses fulfill?
UP courses generally count as elective credit toward graduation. However, by special arrangements, students may have UP courses meet specific requirements for their college of major department. Such arrangements should be made prior to the beginning of the next quarter in the Dean’s office of the student’s college. Decisions about application of UP courses to specific degree requirements are usually based on the academic department of the faculty member teaching the course and the subject matter of the course.

2. How often are University Professor courses offered?
UP courses are offered fall, winter and spring quarters each year, but because the faculty who are honored as University Professors are different each year, the specific courses offered through the UP program vary in subject matter and discipline. Each honoree is required to teach two UP courses during his or her year as a University Professor, so each UP course is offered only once or twice and may never be offered again unless it is proposed and approved as part of the regular university curriculum.

3. How often can a faculty member be named a University Professor?
When a faculty member is named a University Professor, he or she is not eligible to be considered again during the year he or she is a University Professor and the two following years. Therefore, a faculty member can only be named a University Professor once every four years.

4. Who is on the University Professor Selection Committee(UPSC)?
The UPSC is entirely composed of undergraduate students from across the university. An undergraduate student in good academic standing from any college or major in the university is eligible to join the committee, which is organized each fall quarter. The committee’s work begins at the end of fall quarter, resumes at the beginning of winter quarter, and is complete by mid March after final votes for the University Professors are cast.
5. How can I find out more about the UPSC and the selection process?
The UP program is sponsored by the University College and facilitated by the Center for Teaching & Learning. Contact Tim Vickers (, Associate Director of the CTL if you have any questions and/or would like more information about the program.




  • 2013-2014 University Professor Award Recipients

    • Youngsun Kim; Communication Sciences & Disorders
    • Nancy J. Manring; Political Science
    • Arthur Trese; Environment & Plant Biology
    • Kenneth K. Walsh; Civil Engineering

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Previous University Professor Winners