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University Professor Award Process Details

An email is sent out to all undergraduates on the Ohio University Athens campus during the 7th week of every fall semester, coinciding with Winter pre-registration. Included in the email is a description of the University Professor award along with information directing students to an online ballot. All undergraduates are invited to nominate their favorite professor for the University Professor award. The online ballot lists all Ohio University faculty in alpha-order, in pull –down boxes, similar to what one sees on the “Courses Available” page from the Registrar’s Office under “Advanced Search”.  

After one week, a complete tally is downloaded and recorded. Approximately 20-25 Group I, tenure-track faculty are selected from the top of the nomination pool. The nominations, received by the faculty with the highest amount of votes, are then weighted with the number of students taught in the previous three semesters using course load/FTE data from the Office of Institutional Research. This generates a score that factors the number of votes received with the actual number of students taught. From these statistics,  the nomination pool is reduced to the top eight nominees. These nominees are then contacted to see if they want to accept the nomination, and if so, they are asked about their availability to teach a University Professor course in the next academic year.  

During winter semester, the nominees are interviewed by the University Professor Selection Committee (UPSC), which consists of 10-14 undergraduate students. The students follow a general script which consists of questions about the nominee’s research interests, scholarly accomplishments, teaching philosophies, a general  conversation about what they value in the interactions with their students. The UPSC members also observe and assess the UP nominees' classes. During these observations, they rely on a detailed observation form to assess the nominees’ teaching and interactions with their students. The UPSC uses the notes taken from interviews with the nominees, notes taken from observing the nominee’s class, and the nominee’s class proposals to guide them through a rather energetic final deliberations meeting from which they choose the top four nominees. This list of recommended nominees is then forwarded to the Associate Provost of Faculty and Academic Planning who also verifies the eligibility of the recommended four nominees for the award and then publicly announces the winners.




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