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Ohio University: Center for Teaching & Learning Resources

Keynote Session:

Diversity and Higher Education: Preparing Students to Make a World of Difference

  • Mark Orbe, Professor of Communication & Diversity, Western Michigan University; Dr. Orbe will be introduced by Dr. Stacey Brinkley.


Who Are We? OU in Multicultural Context: OU Demographics – Students, Faculty, Staff

  • Joni Wadley, Associate Director for Academic & Student Assessment, Office of Institutional Research


Concurrent Workshop Resources

  1. Engaging “Taboo Topics” in the Classroom: The Power of Dialogic Moments

    • Mark Orbe, Professor of Communication and Diversity, Western Michigan University


  2. Addressing Assumptions about Multicultural and Global Issues: Creating Effective Course Materials and Activities
    • Susanne Dietzel, Director, Women's Center
    • Yeong Kim, Associate Professor of Geography
    • Edna Wangui, Assistant Professor of Geography
    • Laurie Hatch, Director, CTL and Professor of Sociology


  3. Multimodal Approaches to Enhance Interaction in a Multicultural Classroom
    • David Matthews, Director, Academic Technologies and Associate Professor of Interior Architecture
    • Mike Roy, Assistant Director, Web & Multimedia, Academic Technologies