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Ohio University: Center for Teaching & Learning Resources

Materials from the February 6 Mini-Conference are posted here:

Keynote Workshop—The Classroom is Flat: Education and Web 2.0

Guest workshop facilitators: Bill Burke (Senior Program Manager for Education Development, Teaching and Academic Support Center, University of Kentucky); Patsy Carruthers (Senior Program Manager for Instructional Technology, Teaching and Academic Support Center, University of Kentucky). 


  • Handout (with descriptions and informational links for Web 2.0 applications including podcasting, blogs, wikis, web conferencing and other tools)
  • Workshop podcast (forthcoming)

Panel Discussion

Copyright in a Flat Web 2.0 World: Use of Content Created by Others in Online and Hybrid/Blended Courses


  • Handout: “Know Your Copy Rights”

Concurrent Workshops

Ensuring Quality in Online Courses — Best Practices

Contact: Jeanne Vilberg (Learning Systems Designer, Lifelong & Distance Learning).

Related materials:

Interactive Learning Modules

Contact: Mike Roy (Assistant Director, Web & Multimedia, Academic Technologies); Thomas Carpenter (Charles J. Ping Professor of Humanities, Professor of Classics, and Chair, Classics and World Religions).

Supporting Student Learning Outcomes & Assessment with Technology

Contact: Marjorie DeWert (Director of Learning Solutions, Lifelong & Distance Learning)

Learning Technology Demonstrations

(Visit the OHIO Blackboard Support website for Blackboard “how-to’s” and best practices)

Developing Tests/Assessments in Blackboard 7: Respondus

Contacts: John Robinson (Lifelong & Distance Learning); Doug Grammer, (Office of Information Technology)

Download Respondus:


Clicker Technology: Student/Audience Response System

Contact: Mike Roy (Academic Technology)

Support materials:

Collaborating and Journaling in Blackbaord 7: Wikis and Blogs

Contact: Adam Yurick (Office of Information Technology)

Wikis & Blogs downloads:

Creating Podcasts and Uploading Multimedia in Blackboard 7

Contact: Kate Anderson (Media Production), Peg Ratajik (Office of Information Technology)

Podcasting downloads:

Transferring Course Content from Blackboard 6 to Blackboard 7

Contact: Becky Simons (Office of Information Technology)

Course Copy & Imports

Course Availability

Other Support materials:

Plagiarism Detection in Blackboard 7: SafeAssign Contact: Candice Morris, Joan Wigal (Office of Information Technology)

SafeAssign downloads:

Flipping In and Out: Flip Camera Applications Inside and Outside the Classroom

Contact: Dee Gephart, Aaron Schwartz, Barbara Schwenk, (Ohio Program of Intensive English)


Adobe Connect

Contact: Paul O’Donnell (Academic Technology)

No handouts were used in this demo. For more information or to obtain an account, contact Paul O’Donnell at 740-597-2706