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classified senate Members


Classified Senate Application Form - apply to Classified Senate in order to make a positive difference for classified employees.

2017-2018 Classified Senate Members

Senate Officers

Sharon Romina Sharon Romina, B.A.
romina@ohio.edu         593-4558 Cutler Scholars Program
Serena McCollum Serena McCollum, B.S.C.             Secretary mccollum@ohio.edu    593-1058 Institutional Research
Heather Gould Heather Gould     Treasurer gouldh@ohio.edu      597-1564 VPFA Business Service Center

Senate Members

Bonnie Behm-Geddes Bonnie Behm-Geddes behm-ged@ohio.edu 593-1455 Engineering Technology & Management
Pat Bungard Pat Bungard bungard@ohio.edu    593-9387 OMSAR
Jeff Fulk Jeff Fulk, B.F.A. fulk@ohio.edu                  593-2643 Library
Amanda Graham Amanda Graham grahama4@ohio.edu   593-4686 Campus Community Engagement
Adam Grimm Adam Grimm, B.T.A.S. grimma@ohio.edu       593-1958 Finance Customer Care
Jacob Jakuszeit Jacob Jakuszeit jakuszei@ohio.edu       593-9501 Library
Marlene Jenkins Marlene Jenkins jenkinm1@ohio.edu    593-1737 Chemistry & Biochemistry
Maryann Lape Maryann Lape, B.B.A. lape@ohio.edu           740-681-3339 Community & Corporate Learning, Lancaster Campus
Theresa Meyer Theresa Meyer, B.A. meyert@ohio.edu              597-2629 Aviation
Bobbie Perpich
Bobbie Perpich perpichb@ohio.edu      593-1917 Parking Services
Jennifer Romero Jennifer Romero, B.A.  - Past Chair romeroj@ohio.edu      593-2620 Student Accessibility Services
Nancy Vanderman Nancy Vandeman vandemn1@ohio.edu 593-2817 English
Dana Wright Dana Wright larsen@ohio.edu             593-4078 Housing & Residence Life