Employee of the Month 


Classified Employee of the Month

To nominate someone for Employee of the Month, please complete the EOTM Nomination Form.

The purpose of the Non-bargaining Classified Employee of the Month award is to acknowledge and recognize those who are setting the standards for excellence and innovation which has the greatest impact on the University by promoting unity, community, continuity, and visibility. It is a mechanism by which to award those employees who show outstanding individual achievement, contribution, innovation, and performance of their jobs and other related duties that have considerable impact within and beyond their own offices and whose efforts have inspired and supported the achievement of others.

Criteria on which nominees are evaluated include:

  • Positive attitude and serving as a role model
  • Productivity and commitment to quality
  • Initiative and taking on additional responsibilities

Nominations can come from faculty, staff and/or students.


Meet June 2015 Employee of the Month, Paula Carpenter.
Congratulations, PaulaJune 14-15 Emp of the Month!       


1998 – Current


January 2015, Inez Stanley Linscott, Counseling and Psychological Services

February 2015, Barb Thomas, Academic Advancement Center

March 2015, Pam Douglas, College of Fine Arts, Dean's Office

April 2015, Sheree Lucas, College of Business, Business Services

May 2015, Michelle Allison, Grants and Contract Accounting

June 2015, Paula Carpenter, School of Media Arts & Studies


Jan 2014 Teresa Tedrow, Department of Sports Sciences

Feb 2014 Cheryl Hoffman, Department of Student Services, OU Chillicothe Campus

Mar 2014 Becky Fox, Scripps College of Communications

Apr 2014 Margaret Clifton, Dean's Office, OU Chillicothe Campus

May 2014 Jody Van Bibber, The Diabetes Institute

June 2014 Andrea Holmes, Dean's Office, OU Chillicothe Campus

July 2014 April Butterworth, Division of Finance and Administration

August 2014 Merry Lee Walters, Associate Dean's Office, Lancaster Campus

September 2014 Michael Bump, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

October 2014 Susie Abbott, College of Health Sciences and Professions

November 2014 Brenda Nelson, Department of History

December 2014, Sharon Romina, Cutler Scholars Program


Jan 2013 John Dehmann, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Feb 2013 Teresa Bartlett, University College

Mar 2013 Betty Woodley, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Apr 2013 Shelley Barton, University College, Allen Student Help Center and Orientation Programs

May 2013 Chris Bailey-Brown, Mathematics

Jun 2013 Jason Walls, Office of Information Technology

Jul 2013 Patti Malloy, Center for International Studies

Aug 2013 Eileen Ashworth, College of Arts and Sciences

Sep 2013 Terry Hawk, Transportation

Oct 2013 Rita Miller, Psychology and Social Work

Nov 2013 Carlotta Hensler, University Human Resources

Dec 2013 Bobbi Skelly, Faculty office, OU Southern Campus


Jan 2012 Kristin Roberts, Facilities Management, Zanesville Campus

Feb 2012 Brandon Houseman, Quinn Library, Chillicothe Campus

Sep 2012 Linda Cvetan, Patton College of Education and Consumer Sciences

Oct 2012 Teresa Tyson-Drummer,School of Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

Nov 2012 Carma West, Alumni Association

Dec 2012 Christi Lee, Career and Leadership Development Center


Jan 2011 Deborah Pack, Social Work

Feb 2011 Barbara Grueser, English

Mar 2011 Jane Croce, College of Osteopathic Medicine

Apr 2011 Debi Tallman, School of Art

May 2011 Amy Meeks, Geography

July 2011 Lori Spencer, Patton College of Education

Aug 2011 Sharon Case, School of Journalism

Sep 2011 Valerie Denney, Facilities Management, Culinary and Dining Services

Oct 2011 Sheila Bycofski, College of Osteopathic Medicine

Nov 2011 Susan Hopkins, Risk Management and Safety


Jan 2010 Misty Hutchison, School of Recreation and Sport Sciences

Feb 2010 Shellie McVey, Facilities Management, Dining Services

Mar 2010 Betty Kincade, Graduate College

Apr 2010 Marlene Swartz, Educational Studies

May 2010 Lynne Chapman, College of Osteopathic Medicine, Alumni Affairs

June 2010 Natasha Hutchison, Registrar

July 2010 Pamela (Jill Bean), Admissions

Aug 2010 Patricia Palmer, Multicultural Programs/Multicultural Center

Sep 2010 Debbie Brewer, College of Health and Human Services

Oct 2010 Lori Walter, Aquatic Center

Nov 2010 Eileen Delehanty-Schulz, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Dec 2010 Anne Ward, Parking Services


Jan 2009 Rosemary Butcher, College of Osteopathic Medicine, Academic Affairs

Feb 2009 Tammy Jordan, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Mar 2009 Meghan Britt, Facilities Management

Apr 2009 Carolyn Sinclair, University Human Resources

May 2009 Jill Richmond, College of Osteopathic Medicine, Academic Affairs

Jun 2009 Anita Leach, Executive VP & Provost

Jul 2009 Veronica Hiner, University Outreach, Pickerington Center

Aug 2009 Traci Winchell, Social Medicine

Sep 2009 Connie Garrett, University Human Resources

Oct 2009 Melinda Smith, Educational Studies

Nov 2009 Shelley Barton, University College, Allen Help Center

Dec 2009 Janice Haynes, Cutler Scholars Program


Jan 2008 Jerrie Allman, Transportation

Feb 2008 Loretta Dehmann

Mar 2008 Gail Hayes, Dean's Office, Zanesville Campus

Apr 2008 Betty Rex, University Human Resources

May 2008 Debra Sellers, Housing

Jun 2008 Deborah Pack, Department of Social Work

Jul 2008 Amy Gould, Counseling and Psychological Services

Aug 2008 Jackie Forshey, Student Services, Zanesville Campus

Sep 2008 Joseph DiPietro, Office of Information Technology, Customer Service

Oct 2008 Ruth McCall-King, Business Service Center

Nov 2008 Frank Perry

Dec 2008 Brian McCoy, Literacy Center


Jan 2007 Deborah Zimmerman

Feb 2007 Deborah Sillery

Mar 2007 Sandi Mathews

Apr 2007 Mary Gibbons Mize

May 2007 Cathy Sitko

Jun 2007 Rena Peters

Jul 2007 Cheryl Branham

Aug 2007 Bill Harris

Sep 2007 Carol Fraunfelter

Oct 2007 Jane Vaughn

Nov 2007 Trina Jones

Dec 2007 Joan Waggoner


Apr 2006 Rita Owen

May 2006 Michelle Bobo

Jun 2006 Valerie Pettit

Jul 2006 Bonnie Behm-Geddes

Aug 2006 Teresa Tedrow

Sep 2006 Connie Flores

Oct 2006 Linda Mohr

Nov 2006 Kathy Cummins

Dec 2006 Connie Graves


Jan 2005 Judi Rioch

Feb 2005 Michelle Kittle

Mar 2005 Tammy Jordan

Apr 2005 Connie Knowlton

May 2005 Vicki Stewart

Jun 2005 Janet Latta

Jul 2005 Karen Ragsdale

Aug 2005 Becky Andrews

Sep 2005 Phyllis Moody


Jan 2004 Janice Tinkham, Lifelong Learning

Mar 2004 Sherry Vogt, Research & Sponsored Programs

Apr 2004 Diana Jarvis, University Human Resources

May 2004 Jessica Wingett, Physical Therapy

Jul 2004 Dawn Werry, Alumni Relations

Aug 2004 Joan Waggoner, Education

Sep 2004 Vickie Smith, Airport Operations

Oct 2004 Ralph Berry, College of Osteopathic Medicine

Nov 2004 Amy Underwood, Library, Zanesville Campus

Dec 2004 Debbie Sellers, Business and Residential Services


Jan 2003 Teresa Trussell, Parking Services

Feb 2003 Ruth McCall-King, VP for Finance

Mar 2003 Sandy Warren, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Apr 2003 Terry James, Physical Plant

Sep 2003 Lureen Bailey, Baker University Center

Oct 2003 Donna Webb, Facilities Management

Nov 2003 Candy Dishong, Physics and Astronomy

Dec 2003 Misty Hutchison, Health and Human Sciences


Jan 2002 Carol Fraunfelter, Zanesville Campus

Feb 2002 Janis Carnahan, Community and Professional Programs

Mar 2002 Brenda Llewellyn, School of Comparative Arts

Apr 2002 Jackie Quigley, Registrar's Office

May 2002 Harold Archer

Jun 2002 Marilyn Blair

Jul 2002 Kimberly Six, VP University Advancement

Aug 2002 Carol Knight, Eastern Campus

Sep 2002 Daleen Dotson, ILGARD

Oct 2002 Cynthia Mayle

Nov 2002 Serena McCollum

Dec 2002 Clara Ledford, Business and Residential Services


Jan 2001 Penny Schall, Philosophy

Feb 2001 Ennice Sweigart, Mathematics

Mar 2001 Janet Howard, Residence Life

Apr 2001 Sharon Lenthe, Zanesville Campus

May 2001 Jerrie Allman, University College

Jun 2001 Miriam McLaughlin, VP for Administration

Jul 2001 Tammy Hawk, University Osteopathic Medical Center

Aug 2001 Janice Roche, College of Arts and Sciences

Sep 2001 Texanna Well, VP for Finance

Oct 2001 Julie McCune, Baker University Center, Dining Services

Nov 2001 Jan Mittleman, University Human Resources

Dec 2001 Helen Kasler, School of Music


Jan 2000 Angela Nilson, Center for International Studies

Feb 2000 Rebecca Simons, Office of Summer Sessions

Mar 2000 Greg Weinfurtner, Modern Languages

Apr 2000 Nell Ann Kittle, Teacher Education

May 2000 Carmeleeta Stewart, Library, Ironton Campus

Jun 2000 Barbara Grueser, English

Jul 2000 Deborah Daniels, Women's Studies

Aug 2000 Tracey Humphrey, Zanesville Campus

Sep 2000 Julie Thompson, College of Business

Oct 2000 Maryann Lape, Lancaster Campus

Nov 2000 Jean Tyre, Provost Office

Dec 2000 Mary Beth Robinson, Zanesville Campus


Feb 1999 Mary Ann Sorden, Alden Library

Mar thru DecRestructured the publication, nomination, selection and awarding process with goal

of have Employee of the Month active by Jan 2000.


Jan 1998 Julie Davey, Zanesville Campus

Denise Ragan, Engineering

Feb 1998 Teresa Harris,Ohio University Medical Center

Karen Pidcock, Independent Study

Mar 1998 Connie Garrett, University Human Resources

Darla Miller, College of Osteopathic Medicine, Personnel and Central Services

Apr 1998 Teresa Carson, Public Occasions

Gary Dickens, Facilities Management, Moving

May 1998 Angela Rowland, Registrar's Office

Teresa Bartlett, University College

Jun 1998 Amy Underwood, Zanesville Campus

Patricia Hogue, Foundation Office

Jul 1998 Nancy Kasler, Registrar Office

Steve Steward, Alden Library

Aug 1998 Kim Kennard, Library, Zanesville Campus

Robin Spence, Library, Zanesville Campus

Sep 1998 Debbie Keirns, Registrar's Office

Oct 1998 Jane Thompson, Hearing and Speech

Nov 1998 Linda Martin, Baker University Center

Barbara Young, Facilities Management

Dec 1998 Debbie Fabiny, Registrar's Office

Vicki Butcher,College of Arts and Sciences

1997"Classified Employee of the Month" Committee Formed