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Classified Senate is one body designed to represent all classified staff. Therefore, we have formed three committees to help keep everyone on task and organized. Any classified employee can serve on any of these committees and we encourage you to get involved. We have a lot of fun with organizing and participating in our special events and hope you plan to join us. Please feel free to contact anyone on the following committees by clicking on the Committee header to view a list of names, meeting times, and committee goals.


Committee Group A

Committee A is responsible for professional development, public relations, mentoring, and the planning of an  annual Human Resource-related information session

Heather Gould (chair),  Kim Border, Jeff Fulk, Maryann Lape, & Cheri Sheets

Committee Group B

Committee B is responsible for merchandise sales, the oversight of Classified Senate scholarships, and Employee of the Month. 

Misty Hutchinson (chair), Bonnie Behm-Geddes, Serena McCollum ,   Sharon Romina

Committee Group C

Committee C is responsible for reviewing proposed policy and procedure changes, proposing bylaws revisions, and planning the the annual service awards ceremony.

Caitlin Swartz (co-chair), Chris Caldwell (co-chair), Jan Haynes, Marlene JenkinsJennifer Romero

Committees and membership for university standing and ad hoc committes

  • University Standing Committees
    • Committee on Committees - Jennifer Romero
    • Ecology and Energy Conservation Committee - vacant
    • Intercollegiate Athletics Committee - Patricia Palmer
    • Interdiciplinary Council - Christi Gang
    • Kennedy/Frontiers in Science Lecture - Sharon Romina
    • Library Committee - vacant
    • Post Publishing Board - Adrianne Johnson
    • Transportation and Parking Committee - Amanda Howery-Graham
  • University Ad Hoc Committees
    • Benefits Advisory Council - Clarissa Hutchinson
    • Budget Planning Council - vacant
    • Campus Climate Task Force
      • University wide internal communication - Amy Meeks
      • Professional development - Cheri Sheets
      • Senior leadership and strategic direction - Shelley Barton
    • Disability Strategic Plan Implementation Committee - Serena McCollum
    • Facilities Planning Advisory Committee - Shelley Barton
    • Joint Police Advisory Council - George Cheripko
    • Outstanding Administrator - Sharon Romina
    • Presidential Advisory Council on Public Safety - Maryann Lape
    • Taskforce on Affordibility and Efficiciency - Jan Haynes & Jennifer Romero
    • Tobacco Free Committee - Christi Gang
    • Presidential Search Committee -Jennifer Romero