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Classified Senate has committees designed to further its mission of representing all classified staff. We have a lot of fun with organizing and participating in our special events and we encourage you to particpate. Please contact anyone on the following committees for more information.


Classified Senate Committees

Committee A - Heather Gould (Co-Chair), Adam Grimm (Co-Chair), Nancy Vandeman (Co-Chair), Jeff Fulk, Marilyn Maher, and Bobbie Perpich

Responsibilities include professional development, public relations, mentoring, and the planning of an  annual Human Resource-related information session.

Committee B - Amanda Graham (Committee Chair), Pat Bungard, Jacob Jakuszeit, Cyndi Parsons, Sharon M. Romina, and Dana Wright

Responsiblities include merchandise sales, oversight of Classified Senate Scholarship Endeavor, and Employee of the Month. 

Committee C - Serena McCollum (Co-Chair), Theresa Meyer (Co-Chair), Marlene Jenkins, Maryann Lape, Janet Moody, and Jennifer Romero

Responsibilties include reviewing proposed policy and procedure changes, proposing bylaws revisions, and planning the annual service awards ceremony.

Ad Hoc Senate History Committee - Jeff Fulk, Heather Gould, Sharon M. Romina, and Jennifer Romero

Responsibilities include review of Classified Senate history to honor the work of past Senate.


University Standing Committees

Each year, based on nominations from the Classified Senate Chair, the University President appoints members to University Standing Committees. Any classified employee can serve on these committees and we encourage you to get involved. Please contact the Classified Senate Chair if you would like to be considered.

University Ad Hoc Committees

Any classified employee can serve on these committees and we encourage you to get involved. Please let the Classified Senate Chair know if you are currently serving on a university ad hoc committee as a classified staff representative or if you would like to be considered for any of the following.