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About Us

Purpose, Mission, & Bylaws 

The Classified Senate was created to provide a formal mechanism for ongoing discussion, information exchange, and consultation on matters concerning classified employees at Ohio University.

Click  here  for the full version of the Classified Senate Bylaws that include our Purpose, Mission Statement, and Bylaws.

Classified Senate Application Form  - apply to be involved in making a positive difference for Classified Staff employees join Classified Senate and be the voice for your area.


Classified Senate 

(year after each name indicates end of term)


Sheets, Cheri 2016 Chair 593-1101 sheetsc@ohio.edu
Romero, Jennifer 2018 Treasurer 593-2622 romeroj@ohio.edu
Hutchinson, Clarissa 2017 Secretary 593-0061 hutchinc@ohio.edu


Caldwell, Chris 2016 593-4546 caldwec1@ohio.edu
Haynes, Janice (Jan) 2016 593-1800 haynesj@ohio.edu
Howery, Amanda 2018 593-2617 howery@ohio.edu
Jenkins, Marlene 2016 593-1737 jenkinm1@ohio.edu
Lape, Maryann 2016 654-6711 lape@ohio.edu
McCollum, Serena 2016 593-1059 mccollum@ohio.edu
Palmer, Patricia 2016 593-4027 palmerp@ohio.edu
Romina, Sharon 2017 593-4558 romina@ohio.edu


Classified Mentor Program

Classified Senate is a resource to new employees and those who are transitioning to new positions. Our goal is to provide information and to help those who are in transition.  Contact senate leadership at:  classified.senate@ohio.edu .