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  • Please Enter Web Crossing and join our online discussion
  • Web Crossing Usage Guidelines

    In order to promote effec tive communication, we need a minimal set of "Robert's Rules of Order" for this environment.

    1. We will pre-register every task force leader and member, providing each with an E-mail message that includes both the URL to use for the Web Crossing discussions and also an initial password. If we mess up, please let us know right away, so that we can remove the account and re-create it correctly. (Self-registration wi ll not be enabled.)

    2. Every registered user will be able to create new folders, discussion topics, at any place within Web Crossing. See items five through eight, below, for guidance on whether to exercise this ability.

    3. Every registered user is able to read all postings, in all task forces' folders.

    4. Before posting:

      • Read through the information in the folder "A G uided Tour of Web Crossing."

      • Change your password by selecting "Preferences" from among the buttons near the bottom of the page. DO NOT use a password that you have in place on any other system. Web Crossing is NOT a secure Web site.

      • Specify your full name, or nickname, as you choose,by selecting "Preferences" from among the buttons n ear the bottom of the page.

      • Select "Preferences" from among the buttons near the bottom of the page, and confirm that E-mail sent to you on the server is set to be forwarded on to your correct regular E-mail address.

    5. Any registered user should feel free to respond to any item within any of the discussions.

    6. Any member of a roundtable or task force should feel free to create a new discussion within that group's folder.

    7. Any registered user who wants to create a new discussion within some other group's folder should instead contact one of the leaders of that roundtable or task force.

    8. Discussions about using the Web Crossing software should not occur within any of the roundtable or task force folders, but should instead be within the "NEH CRHC: Web Crossing Technical Issues" folder.