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Counseling and Psychological Services offers a variety of different counseling groups each semester. Group counseling empowers students to give and receive feedback and support while working through individual concerns in a safe and confidential environment. Group therapy consists of 5–10 members, as well as group facilitators.

If you are interested in joining a group, reach out to set up a consultation.

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Spring 2023

If you are interested in joining a group or have questions, reach out to set up a consultation! The Spring 2023 Group schedule is coming soon! 


Group Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Understanding Self & Others: USO          
ACT Your Mood          
Finding Balance          
Out, Questioning, Allied: OQA          
Finding Your Way: Grief & Loss          
Radical Body Image Acceptance          
Resisting Distraction          


Process Groups 

Process groups focus on addressing issues such as loneliness, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and interpersonal challenges.

Group members share experiences, give and receive feedback and support, and explore new ways of relating to others in a safe and confidential environment.  


Graduate and non-traditional students can connect with others around their unique experiences and receive support as they manage stress, anxiety, depressive, or other symptoms, and relationship concerns. 

Understanding Self & Others (USO) 

This group is helpful for students wanting to improve relationships, communication skills, and increase self-awareness, along with those struggling with anxiety or depression. 

Support Groups 

Support groups are designed to help students whose lives are impacted by similar issues, to come together and receive information, support, and guidance from one another.

These groups focus on providing a space for validation, encouragement, and mutual understanding. They present a safe space for exploration of thoughts, feelings, and reactions.  

Finding Your Way: Grief & Loss 

Those grieving the loss of a loved one can connect with others experiencing loss, feel less isolated in their grief, receive support, and strengthen ability to cope. 

Out, Questioning, Allied (OQA) 

Members of the LGBTQ community can discuss concerns they may have related to mental health challenges, stressors, sexual orientation, or gender identity in a safe environment, and receive support from others. 


This is a support group for transgender, gender non-binary, gender non-conforming, and gender fluid individuals. Members can find connection with others, receive support, and also learn about resources that may be useful to them. 

Skills-Based Groups 

Skills-based groups provide a space in which students can learn and practice tools for enhancing their well-being and managing specific concerns.

These groups are usually more structured and involve direct instruction from the group leader.   

ACT Your Mood 

This group incorporates principles from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help individuals manage depressive and anxious symptoms. 

Finding Balance 

Learn and practice skills that will help a person navigate their world more easily including: mindfulness, skills to manage distressing emotions and thoughts, and skills that can help a person have more effective relationships. 

Radical Body Image Acceptance 

This is an eight-week semi-structured group based on an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) model for body image acceptance.  This group can accommodate broad concerns related to body image – clients learn powerful strategies to help accept and move beyond body image imperfections while identifying valued life areas where body image distress “gets in the way”.    

Resisting Distraction 

Learn about attention differences and connect with peers to practice strategies that will improve focus and reduce distraction, within a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) framework. 

Still not sure about group?

Here are some reflections from previous participants:

"Group therapy this semester helped me to deal with my emotions and honestly kept me afloat. I always looked forward to sessions and would leave them feeling grounded. I appreciate the connections I formed and the kindness with which we all treated each other.”

"Group was a very useful tool for me. Group helped me to realize that I am not the only person going through different scenarios in my life, and it helped me to manage my coping skills."

"Co-leaders were wonderful and made me feel safe and accepted. The dynamics of any group can be challenging but I think they did a wonderful job at making space for growth and healing for everyone."