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Eating Disorder Support Team

What is the Eating Disorder Support Team?
Ohio University has a support team for eating disorders made up of dietitians, an exercise physiologist, an athletic trainer, physicians, counselors, and psychologists. This multidisciplinary team is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to eating problems. Most of the services are free, other have modest charges.

Why see a Psychologist/Counselor?
Struggles with eating and with body image are common on college campuses in both men and women. Disordered eating behavior often develops out of an attempt to cope with stressors and with difficult feelings. A mental health professional can help you to build healthier and more effective ways of coping, improved self-confidence, and more satisfying relationships. You can speak with a therapist by calling Counseling & Psychological Services at 740-593-1616, or by using drop-in hours at CPS. A drop-in or first appointment is free, and a staff member can explain the modest fee structure used at CPS.

Why see a Physician?
Many eating problems lead to associated health problems such as bone and muscle loss, electrolyte imbalance, harmful metabolic changes, and gastrointestinal distress. A physician assess your current health, and can work with you to correct any complications. You can arrange to met with a physician at Campus Care, on the first floor of Hudson Health Center, by calling 740-593-1660. When calling, ask to schedule an appointment with a physician who is familiar with eating disorders. Please contact Campus Care for information about fees.

Why see a Dietitian?
There are many myths about diet and eating that lead people to pursue weight loss or gain in ways that are harmful. A dietitian can help you evaluate your diet and make changes that will allow you to meet your goals in a healthy manner. During the 2013-2014 academic year, the cost of an appointment with the dietician is $30 per hour or $16 per half-hour. Students can make an appointment by calling the main desk of WellWorks (Grover Center, Room E124) at 740-593-2093.

Why see a Personal Trainer?
OU personal training staff can help students reach their health and fitness goals. Personal trainers can evaluate students' fitness levels through a series of tests and activities called a fitness assessment. This assesment will help guide the trainer in developing an appropriate training approach for each individual. Please call the Fitness Director at the Ping Campus Recreation Center for more information at 740-593-9918. Sessions typically have a modest fee, and student referred by the Team receive discounted fees for personal training services.

How can you access these services?
Students can seek services from any one, or all, of the providers listed above. Providers collaborate to make referrals to each other, as requested by the student. For example, a student might start off in counseling and then request a referral to the dietician and/or to a personal trainer. Likewise, a student's first contact might be with the personal trainer, and they might subsequently request a referral to counseling or to the physician. There is no required "point of entry" into the Eating Disorders Support Team; however, many students start by first making contact with a provider at Counseling & Psychological Services.

For more information:
Please contact a CPS senior staff member if you have further questions or inquiries about the support team. You can reach us by phone at 740-593-1616.