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A Guide to Assist Residence Life Staff in Making Referrals and Requesting Services

The Counselor-in-Residence (CR) Program places professionally supervised mental health clinicians directly into residence halls to address the mental health concerns of residents and Residence Life staff. CRs are doctoral students in Clinical Psychology or Counselor Education programs who have a Masters degree and have completed at two years of supervised clinical training.

The objective of the CR program is to support the academic and personal growth of students through the provision of on-site and easily accessed consultation and mental-health support services. Services include:

1. Preventative & Psycho-educational Programming
2. Supporting the counselor-on-call during emergency and crisis situations
3. Follow-up services to residents and staff following crisis situations
4. Consultation with Residential Life staff on mental-health issues

Brief counseling with residents and Residence Life staff, including:

  • Weekly “drop-in” hours
  • Appointments with self-referred and staff-referred students
  • “House-call” visits with students following staff referral
  • Group or individual follow-up sessions following disturbances in the residential community



Want to receive confidential mental health Consultation and Referral?

Need support in dealing with an issue?

Want help with a hall program?

Are you worried about a friend?


Living Learning Center
Room 160

Call LLC (740-593-4014) For directions

or call 740-593-0769 (Only for non-emergency purposes)

The office phone should be used only for non-emergency purposes (such as to request an outreach). A CR will NOT be able to respond to you immediately if you were to leave a message on the answering machine.

If you need to speak with a CR outside of their office hours, please contact your RA or RD. They would help you locate a CR or a staff member from CPS.

In an emergency situation, call 911 for emergency assistance.   

For more information about CR program or if you are a doctoral student in a psychology, counseling or related field and interested in becoming a counselor-in-resident, please contact:

Paul Castelino, Ph.D.
Clinical Director
Counseling and Psychological Services
Ph: 740-593-1616