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Psychiatric Consultation

Currently, we are not offering psychiatry appointments. We are working on recruiting a psychiatrist at the Counseling and Psychological Services. However, given the challenges of recruiting a psychiatrist, there will be a delay in what services we are able to provide.  

We offer the following referral options and suggestions to assist you in locating an alternative psychiatry provider. It is key that you begin this process early as it can take quite some time to establish with a provider.

  • Depending on the nature of your concerns, the expertise and comfort of your Primary Care Physician, they may able to assume your mental healthcare. Or they may provide a referral to a Psychiatrist in your area. 
  • If you previously saw a Psychiatrist in your community, we recommend you contact that provider. They may continue to treat you, or may offer a reasonable referral. 
  • Contact your insurance company for a list of approved psychiatric care providers in network in your area. There should be a number on the back of your insurance card; sometimes there is a separate number to call for mental health referrals. If you are insured by United Healthcare, the insurance offered to OHIO students, then check this flyer.
  • If you see a counselor or therapist, asking them for a referral may prove useful. 
  • If you seek services at the Counseling and Psychological Services and need medication referral, your counselor will go over various options you may have.  If you need to see a counselor, please call 740-593-1616 to schedule an initial appointment.  
  • You may also contact Counseling and Psychological Services if you are continuing to have difficulty securing psychiatric care. You will be scheduled with our Care-Coordinator to assist you. You can do this by calling (740)593-1616. 

Please check the list of options below for psychotropic medication management. 

Options for Psychotropic Medication Management

Please note that Ohio University Counseling and Psychological Services does not have a contractual relationship with any of these providers. As mentioned above, we encourage you to contact your insurance company for additional options and covered providers. - These services are accessed through an app managed by United Healthcare Student Resources – the insurance offered to OHIO students. Free Counseling, Psychiatry and Primary Care via telehealth is available. - A multi-state telehealth provider (previously known as PsychBC) – User-friendly website allows for insurance verification and online scheduling. Appointments with Nurse Practitioners and/or Psychiatrists are possible within a week depending on insurance. If attempting to schedule online, enter a zip code of a larger city near you in order to obtain the most options for providers. - Multi-state telehealth provider with an office near Cleveland. They provide an array of mental health services, some of which are specifically offered to college students. - Based in Cincinnati but provides telehealth services to residents of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.  Accepts most insurances. Students must complete a brief phone intake and will then be scheduled with a prescriber for psychotropic medication evaluation/management. - Columbus area Nurse Practitioner. The website provides info regarding insurance and allows for online scheduling. Appts avail within weeks. Accepts United Healthcare. No Schedule II medications (including stimulants). - Columbus provider. Accepts United HealthCare Student Resources. Scheduling with Psychiatrist or other prescribers 2-4 weeks. Clinician referrals accepted via the website form. – Offices in Athens (and other counties in Ohio); now accepting some insurances. Anthem, Med Mutual, others. Intake appointment necessary. - Athens (and other counties in SE Ohio). Intake appointment necessary. Intakes are scheduled on daily basis only. Call as soon as possible after 8:00 am to schedule intake that day.