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Sarah Mattila, M.A.

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Health Service Psychology Doctoral Intern
Counseling and Psychological Services

Sarah was born in Phoenix, AZ and raised in Cortland, OH. She earned her BA in Psychology from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH and her MA in Clinical Psychology from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH. She is interning at Ohio University’s Counseling and Psychological Services to complete her PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Xavier University. Sarah’s clinical experiences include applied behavior analysis with toddlers and children diagnosed with developmental disorders; school-based behavioral health services with public school students from kindergarten through twelfth grade; university counseling and psychological services with undergraduate and graduate students; behavioral health services at a primary care office providing counseling to patients and consultation to resident physicians; neuropsychological assessment services including diagnosis and recommended management of ADHD and/or learning disorders in the undergraduate population, as well as dementia, traumatic brain injuries, neurological disorders, and ADHD in the adult and geriatric inpatient and outpatient populations. Sarah’s clinical approach with clients is informed by Cognitive Behavior Therapy – specifically Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. She works to cultivate warm and authentic therapeutic relationships that help clients grow in psychological flexibility and foster healthy adaptation to challenges and adversity. Her specific clinical interests include challenges of late adolescence and emerging adulthood (i.e., college counseling), as well as interpersonal conflicts within romantic relationships (i.e., couples counseling). Her research interests center around childhood trauma, sibling relationships, and the ways those relationships can buffer the long-term negative impact of childhood trauma on adulthood mental health. When not at CPS, Sarah can be found hanging out with her fiancé and their two beagles, Phoebe and Pluto.